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  1. I wonder who the OEM is. It looks similar to the Holy Warrior one.
  2. Does the bad lever work properly with the gun? Looks nice!
  3. My custom barrel extensions are done. Made of steel and blued.
  4. Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock Next Generation EBB Owners Group - Does this group has got any no non-UK members or such rule in their description?
  5. I recently got a TM SCAR-H. After Vipertechs and GBBRs I expected a really toyish feeling but it was much better than expected. It has some downsides (that charging handle which is cheap plastic for example) but in general I am satisfied. I noticed that the AAC 18T MITER flash hider of Marui is incorrect. As most of you might know, MITER flash hiders cover almost 2" of barrel behind the threaded part of the barrel. But Marui did not replicate that, therefore if one wants to use a different flash hider (like a PTS one which works with the SCAR-H suppressor, Marui FH does not) the gun can no
  6. NonEx, do you plan to make a review about it?
  7. A QD sling swivel would make a great addition to those low pro panels. Nice work!
  8. My TM G17 with the following parts: Guarder 2013 ver. OD frame - good product, installation was mod free and could took even CO2 use. However, the thread of the screw that secures the hammer housing stripped at the first installation. But the screw stays in place ever since then. Guarder polymer/plastic magazine catch - I bought a standard one as a replacement however it seems to be an extedened one nevertheless. Does what a mag catch needs to do. It took almost 3 years for the stock one to wear out, I am curious about how the Guarder one will perform. Guarder 150% hammer spring - So far so
  9. TM Glock 17 with steadily decreasing TM parts.
  10. Nice one, but you need to replace the frame. Where did you get the Magpul speed plate?
  11. Pink XTM - Yeah, no purpose at all. It is (more like was) a girl's gun. I think that explains what needs to be. Extended mag release - that is actually the real OdinWorks one that Crusader copied a year later its release. For a small girl with small hands it made weapon manipulation easier. But if you have no problems reaching the mag release button then there is no point in getting one.
  12. My girlfriend's Vipertech in its almost final configuration. (posting pictures on this board is something that can be considered as PITA)
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