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  1. Item: Sotac FDE Unity TAPS augmented switchLocation: Madrid, SpainShipping: WW. Costs are on the buyer.Payment: Paypal only, PP charge is on the buyer.Trades: no, cash onlyPrice: 25 EUR Works, it did not see much use as I switched to a different configuration in the end. Works with a SOMOGEAR NGAL and probably any other PEQ15s and most Surefire knockoffs.
  2. Item: Angry Gun MCMR 13 inch railLocation: Madrid, SpainShipping: WW. Costs are on the buyer.Payment: Paypal only, PP charge is on the buyer.Trades: no, cash onlyPrice: 50 EUR I am selling it as I switched to a MK16 rail. I have all the parts apart from the shim kit. Scratches here and there which come natural with use. It is a fairly good quality replica of the real thing.
  3. Item: G&G UMG (UMP45 replica) AEG Location: Madrid, Spain Shipping: Preferably within the EU. Costs are on the buyer. Payment: Paypal only, PP charge is on the buyer. Trades: no, cash only Price: 200 EUR I bought a gun in November 2020, brand new. I had a programable mosfet installed, reshimmed, connector changed to deans, a better sealing nozzle installed and FPS decreased to 300 FPS to comply with local limits. The gun has been used a few times but definitely not abused. Nothing is broken, everything works. I managed to source 2 CA midcaps which feed perfectly, store
  4. Not looking anymore, topic can be deleted, thanks!
  5. Not looking anymore, topic can be deleted, thanks!
  6. As the title says, I want to buy your Classic Army UMC midcaps which have to be in good working condition at least.
  7. As title says. I do not care about the color, I do not need any accessories, just the base in size medium.
  8. I wonder who the OEM is. It looks similar to the Holy Warrior one.
  9. Does the bad lever work properly with the gun? Looks nice!
  10. My custom barrel extensions are done. Made of steel and blued.
  11. Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock Next Generation EBB Owners Group - Does this group has got any no non-UK members or such rule in their description?
  12. I recently got a TM SCAR-H. After Vipertechs and GBBRs I expected a really toyish feeling but it was much better than expected. It has some downsides (that charging handle which is cheap plastic for example) but in general I am satisfied. I noticed that the AAC 18T MITER flash hider of Marui is incorrect. As most of you might know, MITER flash hiders cover almost 2" of barrel behind the threaded part of the barrel. But Marui did not replicate that, therefore if one wants to use a different flash hider (like a PTS one which works with the SCAR-H suppressor, Marui FH does not) the gun can no
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