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  1. I agree, really agree, nothing is impossible, but... I also use the M56 as CQB weapon with stock, so i won't cut the stub at all... just protect with gaffer-tape or make a wooden stub for her. (Book of Eli? no...) About the adapter, maybe i gonna go with a "decent" RIS on top and a adapter. Just ideas for now... See ya! []'s
  2. Possibility? (EDIT: with or without tac-toe) DE M56B See ya! []'s
  3. I'm on a MARPAT + Tiger-esque camo, in front of the car (Poor Civic...). See ya! []'s
  4. Somewhere outside the safezone (yes, finger out the trigger)... This part of the photo in special, actually is demolished... See ya! []'s
  5. In skirmish, saturday, before losing the front sight See ya! []'s
  6. Nice kit and gun, can you give a kit-list, please? And, are you using common prescription glasses or a prescription adapter on the google? See ya! []'s
  7. broke my ak (jb-weld has his limits), fixing her. lovely.

  8. And, Jon, works nice? You're left-handed? See ya! []'s
  9. Mezzo a mezzo... (Well, external update on Trotsky/Reed over...) See ya! []'s
  10. Trip to Paranapiacaba, district of Santo André city, near São Paulo. (airsofter and also railfan) Photos with a Olympus E-300 DSLR and a all-around 14-42mm f 3.5-5.6 lens See ya! []'s
  11. I take a different route using the CYMA CM028U stock http://www.rsov.com/index.php?target=products&product_id=4274 (Based on the G&P AK Tactical kit, afterall), and cutting the mid metal piece between the body and the stock (and also the stock tangs, as my last resort without destroying the stock in process). The mid metal piece is the big problem because if you cut it "wrong" (i've made some bad mistakes cutting more than needed and doing a "fatality" drilling two unparalleled holes...) you lose the piece, and this funny piece in special, is "Out of Stock" in many airsoft shops (
  12. Can i use this pic as a pictorial "Thank You"? --- Also, the actual state of AKS47 (yes, ak S 47 ), DMR-esque. See ya! []'s
  13. Pre-skirmish setup: Small bag: Boots ESS Profile and ESS ICE Documents, money and phone DSLR Big bag: BDU ALICE kit M4 CQB and AK 47S Magazines for the AEGs Food Pair of Talkabouts Documents related to the AEGs Nice but very bulky for public transport (bus to the site then train/bus back home)... Need a car, desperately. See ya! []'s
  14. Team day in Matarazzo Ceramic Plant, in São Paulo, last sunday: -- See ya! []'s
  15. Darklite, sorry about asking, but, do you have more photos or maybe a how-to about gluing the stock onto the body? I've tried putting a CYMA CM028U foldable stock onto a JG AK47 (just like yours), but i've had some problems about durability of the glue (tried liquid epoxy and, as you can see, not worked.)... See ya! []'s
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