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  1. Yup, the hopup is working fine after 82 rounds. It was not resetting itself..all the bbs hopped perfectly. The size is about 1cm long by 1mm wide.
  2. Can somebody tell me what this is and if it's impt? This little piece fell out of my tm sopmod when I was dry firing with the magazine out(so I am assuming it fell out of the mag well?). I went outside and dumped 82 rounds without this part and the gun performs without a problem. Is this pin important? Where does it belong?
  3. Are you guys having problems with the bolt catch on the mag? I haven;t even shot my rifle and the bolt catch of the mag came off. Apparently there's a small nub you put the bolt catch in and that came off. I am wondering how sturdy this nub is for people who have extensively used their magazine. Trying to super glue the nub back on but I don't think it'll hold...may have to try epoxy or just leave it out of the mag.
  4. Okay it has been awhile, lets hear some rounds report. How many rounds through the gun so far stock or modified spring ONLY(not interested in the amount of rounds after changing out the bushings/gear sets). About to pull the trigger but need to know if it has the same immortal tm internals.
  5. Do you guys recommend getting the custom eac build from ehobby airsoft with the magic box already installed (380fps?) or keeping the gun stock and just add a tbb.? I hear tms last forever if you don't touch the gear box, I don't want anything to break after 10k rounds. Also is installing a tbb easy in the sopmod? I don't want to strip any wires.(very noob with airsoft)
  6. Anyone know which one of these front kits will fit perfectly on the We m16? http://www.ebairsoft.com/airsoft-parts-front-c-68_69.html I am thinking about getting either the 12inch or the 13.2 Lar. Will these rails fit without any modifications? I don't yet have a wetech m16 but will get one soon. Thinking about making my own SR25 type rifle with the m16. Of course I also need a silencer...but I guess any aftermarket ones will do?
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