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  1. Every time a new GBBR is released, my wallet cries a little.

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    2. hwagan


      @Kenxin; WildXIII's bang on the money there, I'm trying to build up a collection that'll keep my MRP going for the rest of my airsofting lifespan! Trying to accumulate at least one of everything except the body itself, as well as a few bolts!

      I gotta say though, I'm really tempted by the MKM - My old LM4 was great but the lack of trades and 3 piece upper bothered me, and the MKM does away with both of those issues... Damn you, money!

    3. kenxin


      I thought you'd get rid of it to switch platform to the MKM.


      It looks good, but I'm more tempted by GHK's redesign of the bolt stop & valve knocker.

    4. hwagan


      Not a chance man, the MRP has been and always will be my favourite AR.. I'm planning on being buried with it ;) What exactly have GHK redesigned? I have to admit I haven't read up on it a whole lot yet. I haven't yet had a problem with my bolt stop or valve knocker though..

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