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  1. If anyone is going to buy any tyres go for Kumho tyres as they are offering an accident damage policy at the mo that's second to none!
  2. Aquaponics is the future of farming.I had my greenhouse aquaponics set up going for over two years now. No need to get too technical but a DWC system is the way to go as it regulates temperature more consistently. Need to get my 1/4 acre allotment set up the same but it's finding the time :0( Loads of Andrino code and sensors out there in the public domain but I'm trying to keep my symbiotic systems as low tech as possible. Aquaponic systems can be as small as a plant pot so space or time is no excuse!
  3. Who knows, you might be the same as him when you are his age! I always cut the oldies some slack as I dont know what the future holds for me :0)
  4. About bloomin time!http://www.indiewire.com/article/zombieland-2-logo-revealed-cinemacon-20160416
  5. I could care less about the plonkers on here whereas I most definitely don't want to be sued for libel in British Law Courts! Therefore, I'm saying nothing as I know I live in a ...... ..... PJS and YMA can have ....... ........ . ....... .. ....... for now :0)
  6. I'd love to comment on PJS and YMA but it might land me in Jail! So much for freedom of speech!
  7. Another Booby trap for the poor unsuspecting DIY'er. Gets the pulse racing removing them without the key in place! Most things slow are boring,well unless they are really sloowwwww.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6phdJWRi_vw
  8. I love the people who phone up asking for advice and after youve told em whats up they then reply with "its not that" :0) "Sorry I can't help then" Byyyeeee
  9. Bicarbonate of soda is great for neutralising smells.
  10. Passed an exam I thought I'd failed :0) Spent seven and a half hours standing up on a train with my head out the window,great day!
  11. Arrived home to find my Son has been lent a Brand spanking new Oculas Rift with a bundle of games ! His friends Dad who's a software developer has a bundle of them at the mo from his work! Would it be rude to ask him for another :0) For the record, The Brookhaven Experiment is fanbloodytastic!! Gets the heart pumping big time :0) Worth buying just for that game alone!!!!!!
  12. Spent the day exploring my Brothers new acquisition, a gert farm with an 80yard shed, time to zero some rifles me thinks :0)
  13. DVSA sent me my course booking today email but the only available place is for tomorrow! Currish shard-borne moldwarps @ GOV.UK
  14. I'm so happy I don't feel the need to click the View it anyway link :0)
  15. Probably pinched the oring might want to source one just incase but hay look on the bright side, at least, its running and will be easier second time around ! Did you drill the bolt out with a masonry bit? Or was that someone else on here who rounded out a bolt? Why do car manufacturers dry fit everything with no anti-seize compounds and assemble engines before the fit them! The should be made to assemble everything in order so you know the pieces that will need replacing at some point can be sorted without removing the whole feckin engine almost!
  16. When you test it you will find out that it is alkaline if cold brewed and if you add the right amount of coffee to water there's no need to dilute it. The time it takes depends greatly on how fine you if at all you grind the beans,I personally don't grind them at all. Of course, taste is down to personal preference but I like many others don't like bitter tasting anything but especially coffee. While the research is still ongoing regarding our bodies PH levels and how it affects our health,cold brewed coffee is better for your teeth because it's about 60% less acidic. Caffeine con
  17. Much better for you as its alkaline not acidic like hot brewed coffee. Tastes sweet and not bitter. Shame it takes 12 hours to brew mind you!!
  18. Loads of hacks but you have to put a bit of effort in for all of them but here's a simple one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjrxH4qDpQw I only drink cold brew coffee now unless it's a free latte from Waitrose :0)
  19. I drive loads of different vehicles on a regular basis and while it's not as easy as blipping the main beam, still a simple task to flick from head to side lights for a split second on 95% of them. If the lights aren't on I give them a flash of the full beam then as it's not going to dazzle anyone in the day and I also give them a wave or thumbs up most because it winds the other half up, I get "you only have to thank them once" but that's just way I am. I feel guilty going through customs even though I really do have nothing to declare!
  20. But getting back on topic how come drivers FLASH you with thier FULL BEAMS as a way of thanking you when its dam right crappy to get bright light shone in your eyes! I always flick my lights off for a sec to show my thanks :0)
  21. On a lighter note just fixed my washing machine for zero pence after it looking like a new £130 pcb was needed :0)
  22. I know it sounds stupid but we use a masonry drill bit,will do the job! Correct but bore wash is why diesekl gets mixed with the engine oil but its very small amounts. It sounds like if Stunt makes it to power we wil have to place our hand under our nose and point to the little nman who lives down the raod!!!
  23. Religion is a classic method of divide and rule! Don't fool for any of it! Catholicism and Islam are both oppressive!
  24. With no hop its going to be regardless where its taken?
  25. Look forward to your findings Wolf:0) Surely that A.P.S' M50 accuracy is going to be diabolical if it's using spherical ammo with no hop?
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