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    MP5K-PDW , , TM m92fs tac master, KSC USP, TM mk23 upgraded, prosniper, G-spec, another tac master, tm sig 552 upgraded, we 1911 upgraded
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  1. Parsley

    1911 Picture Thread

    well its upgraded and finished now, shoots a dream started out as a Tercel Tm clone because of the springs its only a fan or red gas really
  2. Parsley

    1911 Picture Thread

    my pachmayrs and my uprated springs came today but i was sleeping :0 so i will pick them up tommorrow got a G&P m3 today and installed a firefly soft hop rubber
  3. Parsley

    1911 Picture Thread

    Does anyone use a firefly bucking in their m1911? Or a TK twist barrel? Much difference? Cheers
  4. Parsley

    1911 Picture Thread

    well just got a new 1911, will post pics when my grips and upgrades arrive from elite shooting centre,
  5. Parsley

    What music are you currently listening to?

    i just bought R.E.Ms greatest hits, its mint
  6. Parsley

    SIG Picture Thread

    yes it most certainly wont need a new rubber if its new brooklyn born: looks nice, replace those grips though , p175 hehe
  7. Parsley

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    bella: mag needs straightening out, but apart from that looks cool
  8. Parsley

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Anything by Paramore at the moment Hayley Williams ftw
  9. Parsley

    SIG Picture Thread

    for the love of god they are sexual
  10. Parsley

    Artistic Airsoft

    scorch- i know that table
  11. Parsley

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    does this help? C7/C8 mags apparently post number 1000
  12. Parsley

    SIG Picture Thread

    msx, how gangsta of you
  13. Parsley

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    a friend of mine did this for me in his spare time, what do you think, i think its awesome
  14. Parsley

    Videos Thread !

    i had no problems
  15. Parsley

    Videos Thread !

    well that was *fruitcage* good !

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