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  1. all arms bergan, i hope you didnt pay more than a fiver mate
  2. Engineers will use iron sights on exercise all depending on regiment, i have yet to see a picture of an engineer on a recent tour with iron sights. Royal Engineers are a combat role on tour and are thus issued with Susats. i believe Ubar is the only forum member to have fitted the rail so far and his rifle is a star
  3. lerch buddy your bungee isn't doing *fruitcage* all there, shouldn't go through the loops between pouches, just a pointer
  4. thats a specific amount of cops, i believe there were 8 keystone cops
  5. it was replaced by the m16 because the m14 was TOO good, it was too accurate and the american army needed something with a bit more of a spray, cue m16 with 5.56mm ammunition.
  6. well its upgraded and finished now, shoots a dream started out as a Tercel Tm clone because of the springs its only a fan or red gas really
  7. my pachmayrs and my uprated springs came today but i was sleeping :0 so i will pick them up tommorrow got a G&P m3 today and installed a firefly soft hop rubber
  8. Does anyone use a firefly bucking in their m1911? Or a TK twist barrel? Much difference? Cheers
  9. if yours is blue and protrudes from your *albartroth*, fair play
  10. well just got a new 1911, will post pics when my grips and upgrades arrive from elite shooting centre,
  11. thats a bit general isnt it you're 15 right? and you're shooting i assume was with the air cadets? just going off your profile here. so i am assuming from this the officer was being anal with you because you aren't experienced with the weapon system enough to maintain control with gloves on. the very reason given to me when i was in the early range days at harrogate. if you need gloves to fire the weapon, reconsider the forces cheers
  12. definately a different guy mate, the Sjt i am on about was sniper platoon not recce aswell
  13. edit should have read, PM inbound darkchild
  14. first armalite for me and i fooking love it TM M16VN with an A1 sling
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