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  1. Yeah, I play with a 310fps G-Spec and a green dot now, because reasons: And of course the obligatory blurry action shot: That one was taken as I sent a single 0.28g under an old jeep, into a guys foot to get the hit. 'FireKnife'
  2. Yup, more 1911s is always the way and one day I will run all of them for the sake of it . Still it reminds me that I regret selling my PX4 and need to get a 5-7 but ah well, also want a 4.3 Hi-Capa too. 'FireKnife'
  3. Erm, anyone got a CZ P-09 Gas magazine laying around they want to sell me? Everywhere either only has the CO2 one or wants a stupid price / p&p for the gas one!

    1. Skarclaw


      pro airsoft supplies have the gas pistol in stock - not sure about mags BUT the pistol isn't listed on thier website so may be worth a go if you haven't already

    2. FireKnife


      Huh will give them a try but odd not to put the mags up though if they have 'em?!

      Lots of places have the pistol but only the CO2 mags which is a shame.....

    3. Skarclaw


      They have loads of stuff in the shop that isn't on their website - just one of those things I guess.

  4. Why is it so bloody hard to find a sensible priced one of those Madbull compensators that you get? Only want it for one of my 1911 design ideas :(.

    1. NonEx


      What color you want and define sensible price.

    2. FireKnife


      Either black or silver, and sensible as in about £15 total, not £12-15 then about £10 postage that places are charging!

    3. NonEx


      I have a silver one new in packaging that I can sell to you for 15 GBP flat with shipping :D

  5. Stupid Q Time: Best spring to give a TM G-Spec around 315-325fps, still just around sub 1J but pushing closer to the AEG limit? :D

    1. renegadecow


      M100? I got a MAG M130 before and it gave me a little over 400. 460 with a spacer.

    2. FireKnife


      Hmm, M100 might be the way, looks like it any way.

  6. RC are you seriously building a Pipe Pistol from Fallout 4? 'FireKnife'
  7. Ordered a pair of VSR mags off their slow *albatross* website. Arrived promptly and was told exactly where they were in the order processing line. Can't fault them one bit, RMs speed at delivering them is a different matter . 'FireKnife'
  8. Good evening all, anyone got a spare TM single side safety (A1, S70, Detoncis etc) and a MEU frame that they are willing to part with for pennies? :D

  9. Wait, really? Mine is in perfect marking condition, how odd. Unless the pics are just to satisfy others and the gun comes as it should? 'FireKnife'
  10. It is an awful gun, after only about 3-400 shots mine: - Had the outer barrel come away from the screwed in block that holds it on, still shot but badly. - Had the magazine stick and be a *badgeress* to move. - Suppressor wasn't set up right with the slide so all shots went right after about 15-20m. - Eventually the trigger spring went so it wouldn't reset and I just gave up with it. Not worth it to be honest, WE really haven't got that hang of it just yet. Oh and this was on Ultra and not Green / Red or Black gas for that matter . 'FireKnife'
  11. Read a few good and bad but old reviews of Milspec Solutions. Are they still awful or have they improved? They have the SA Glock 42 in stock UK side at an OK enough price and considering it :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Wild_XIII


      I've never had a problem with them.

    3. BioRage


      Can't go wrong with VFC. Even if you don't game, it's a very nice collector piece.

    4. FireKnife


      Too bad they are out of stock, damn it. Want a Glock 42 but don't want to import.

  12. I likes them with the pointy nipples though . Combines tits and 1911s? So want some now. 'FireKnife'
  13. Wolf Armouries sold me a traded one. Maybe just ask and see if they have used a stock picture? Seems odd they would sell them untraded. 'FireKnife'
  14. No, I have had the above too, but it is rare and just requires the slide pushing that 1-2mm back into battery. Slide is smooth and the screw used on the safety won't sit any further in to combat it. Still, not that impressed with how my Makarov has turned out. It is ok for the price but I am still not convinced that WE have improved as much, but this is still better than their older offerings . 'FireKnife'
  15. I have tried all of the above RC but no, the gun is just gradually falling apart as it goes. Sights are always off, the damage to the outer barrel seting area has caused the accuracy to drop and the kick is sparodic though it is only about one shot per magazine that does so. The slide lock is also odd in that it works well some times and badly others, with both magazines that I have. I have threadlocked a lot of parts that needed it and keep the gun running but in terms of a performer it has near zero use. As it stands I take it to a game when I play indoors as I have a perfect little IWB
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