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  1. Thankfully you are having a better experience than others. I personally have had three of these in for repair in the last month, and I am not impressed.
  2. I used a Tenergy 1400 MaH NiMh battery initially, and that was a VERY tight fit. In fact, I used some liquid tape (which is like a rubber coating) on some of the sharper edges in the battery area to minimize battery wire damage. I have also used a 1100 MaH LiPo which required some padding to keep the battery from moving around.
  3. BTW, another video is up showing how to disable/ enable the blowback.
  4. I have not had to change one, but it certainly looks and feels like every other piston.
  5. Nike, I believe he is asking me (the OP) if I had anymore pictures, which I do not. ahadsz, the links you posted are dead links. Did you place the products into your shopping cart and link from there? Some shopping carts have a life of about 20 minutes.
  6. In all fairness, I gave the following summary of my review: Look and feel : 8.5 / 10 Practicality : 8 / 10 Mechanical : 5 / 10 I know of another owner who had the same gearbox issues I had, but I also know another who has had no issues. It is the simplest gearbox I have ever worked on (only 6 to date, so take that with a grain of salt), so when I had issues, I was able to fix quickly. It is also a very accurate weapon that can easily be dialed into about 180 feet with no mods. I am able to use all of my existing mini batteries, and with the M4 magwell adapter, I am also able to use a
  7. Mine came with a crappy plastic orange flash hider, but ebairsoft has a few at very good prices.
  8. Absolutely amazing!! There is a sticker over the trades. I was feeling the etching, but it was through the sticker!! I had to use a razor blade to get it off, but off it came. FeldJager, If I had points to give, you would get them all. Nice Find!!
  9. There is a sliding mechanism along the top of the gearbox that connects with the piston and powers the blowback. You might have this in upside down.
  10. I can confirm that these are etched, and colored, as I am sitting here with the gun in my hands and I can feel the etching. As for the gears, when I had the sector gear fail on me, I replaced all the gears temporarily with a spare set I had on the bench, that came from a cheap stock gun.
  11. The flash-hider is cheap plastic and is easily removable with a hair-dryer. An Update: I have since replaced and re-shimmed the gears and the gun has worked flawlessly. It has earned a reputation with my teammates with its accuracy.
  12. The Mag that came with the gun worked in another persons KWA G36. I use 9.6 1400 MaH batteries and I cannot imagine much bigger fitting, but I would bet a butterfly 2000 might fit. Accuracy-wise it has become one of my favorites. Flash hider is CW.
  13. I run an M4 Magwell conversion and it works great. Not sure about particular brands, I got my adapter here: http://www.ebairsoft.com/battleaxe-g36c-magazine-adaptor-p-1315.html
  14. Unfortunately, another player just last week when I had my first gearbox issue, had a catastrophic sector gear failure on his new G36. Total gear replacement for him. Look and feel : 8.5 / 10 Practicality : 8 / 10 Mechanical : 5 / 10 Final verdict: If I had my money back, I would not buy this gun again.
  15. Well, another skirm, and another gearbox issue with this gun. This time a poor shim job on the bevel gear caused that wonderful grinding noise that makes every airsofter sick. The pic below is full size so you can see some detail, and even the metal shavings on my pinion gear.
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