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    KJW M4

    So is it recommended that one should use non-lubracated gas. Because personally never relubed my gun, but over the course of a day after using green gas, oil will tend to seep out of the reciever. Will use of green gas also translate to oil being sent down the barrel? If the problem is due to the use of green gas, im assuming I should stick to either 134 or Propane.
  2. Dr.Duck

    KJW M4

    Hey does any one happen to have a tutorial or pics on hopup disassembly. I disassembled my upper a couple days ago to install a new RIS and afterwards the hop up was nonfunctioning. Also, when u complete a revolution on the hopup dial does it reset? And finally. Has anyone actually installed a VSR-10 barrel with true sucsess and a improvement in accuracy with out modification? Thanks all

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