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  1. I cancelled my order with RSOV and switched instead to Airsoft World. Initially I was kicking myself at my decision but after seeing the below on Airsoft World's site I'm not so sure now; Update 09/07/2007: Last week a large HK wholesaler who supply the HK retailers has forced the AA factory to rush release their order. Although the AA factory were not happy to do so, they did so through fear of losing this large order and suffering the financial consequences. These L85's have not been properly reworked and are inferior quality to those that we will be supplying. Be warned! We have had
  2. Superb review FarEast and at what must be a hectic time for you too, thanks! I've just mailed RSOV and had a reply back within 5 minutes, so I'm on the list! The "low-ish" FPS doesn't bother me as my CYMA AK only shoots about 270 and I do okay with that in woodland. Now I just have to wait. I need to make an airsoft "advent calender".
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