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  1. Nothing but the best from these guys. The shop is just as equally impressive, the guys there are helpful & also run a site as well (Airsoft Plantation) which is nothing short of fantastic.
  2. Sorry to ressurect a near dead thread but;
  3. We're still waiting for the 3GS 8GB to come back into stock! So if Apple are messing around with that, then i don't wanna know why the delay with the white version.
  4. My latest purchases,... Iphone 4 + a copy of Halo: Reach. Started playing it yesterday and liking it thus far.
  5. Not to sound like a massive *bramston pickle* but; Does this not sound a tadge elitist here? It's like saying "Don't buy a Ford, buy a BMW instead". Seriously, come off your high horse for a minute, and consider prehaps some great shots were taken on cheap camera's. Anyway, London shot taken from Southbank, ISO was messed a little, hence the "noise" in the sky; Nikon D5000.
  6. Quick question. ISO, can someone explain that to me please?!
  7. Just like my Nikon, it has the MASP dial. I only just figured out what the S is for.
  8. Ah, the newness shines through once again. Shutter speed was set between 30/25 and 20 seconds each.
  9. Nope, not the shutter speed. Setting the exposure between 20/25 and 30 seconds. You'll definetly need a tripod of some sort to stable it.
  10. Hi guys, so last night i went out into Garden with my camera. Aimed the camera straight up and; Enjoy the stars from the ground.
  11. Thought i might as well throw a couple pics of my current gear into the mix, ala *Show what camera you use*; (That lense shade cap is 30 years old, and it still fits as good as ever. Spesh as it has made in U.S.S.R on the inside of it.) And the business end of it all;
  12. Not really, only incident i had was a copper asking what i was doing. Just told him i was taking some photo's for an album, he asked to see the pics an he was happy with them.
  13. Not much mate, just left the Flash turned off and had a steady hand. I was more going on the vantage point with these one's. Example being;
  14. So, last night i took my camera into the capital. Just to fully test it out. The results; I'm pretty much pleased with them.
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