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  1. VNV Nation - Beloved (Hivers and Hammer's UK Dub Trip)
  2. Blutengel - Ice Angel. Dark, yet somewhat beautiful.
  3. Lavantgarde:- Take Me S.I.M Only one word can describe this song. Beautiful.
  4. VNV Nation - Honor And then: State of the Union - Citizen 2.0
  5. VNV Nation Genesis II Red Cover - Left Behind.
  6. yeah, sometimes though they can overheat quite quickly. Usually i'd put plastic cable ties around the IDE (or SATA II) cables, so that they're nice and tucked away, power cables inside, should be bundled up, and also out of the way. If it's a new computer, i wouldn't worry about dust just yet, but if you can, tie the cables out of the way, it'll improve the airflow around the PC.
  7. Nothing wrong with the Phenom processors. Re-installing Windows might not help the hang up issue. And i am assuming that he bought a new hard drive to go with it. Edit: Some hang ups are caused by overheating,.. not to sound silly, but check the airflow around the inside of your PC. It's a starting point.
  8. Oooh, a new fangled addition to the website, fun fun fun. So, after making the choice between Airsoft or a Gaming Computer, i chose Airsoft, which i feel is the right decision. But after the hard drive crashed on my main computer,.. well, i've been consigned to the laptop until i get a new computer! Anyway: Some new clone guns have come unto the market, tempting me to the point of narrowing it down to the Warrior L96, or the A&K M249 MKII,.. both have there good points and bad points, but with a bit of TLC they would make perfect skirmish tools for me. Also, the VCRA
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