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  1. Glad to hear that some setups have worked. Maybe adding a sorbo really helps. I had a terrible micro switch bouncing problem on full auto with Extreme-Fire SW-Panther installed. Just like described in this document.
  2. Someone of you may have already noticed that a computerized mosfet with active braking is bad idea. It doesn't work with micro switch. I can confirm this. Everything works fine with a basic mosfet.
  3. rautasami

    KJW M4

    Thanks for the info guys. So, it seems that RS and WE BAD works... How about mag catch? The Norgon Ambi-Catch works? How about Kac-Knight's Armament Ambidextrous Magazine Release With Cold Weather Button? Still a big question is the ambi fire selector...
  4. rautasami

    KJW M4

    I would like to make this gun ambi. Any tips how to modify or what parts to use to make fire selector and mag catch ambidextrous? Also, has anyone installed B.A.D. lever? I read somewhere that not all combinations of BAD and ambi mag catch don't work. What would be a working combination with minor modification?
  5. I just noticed that bevel gear position is very different from V2 or V3 boxes which means Modify modular gear sets won''t fit.
  6. It's working fine, though I haven't used it much cause it's a bit too high for my taste.
  7. I had the same problem, but using 5KU hopup chamber or similar which is screwed to the gearbox made the gun very solid.
  8. I bought mine two years ago from http://www.taiwangun.com/machinerifles_aeg/cm_051_cm-1639.html I'm running it with 2100mAh 11.1V LiPO. http://www.verticalhobby.com/kauppa/2100-mah-30c-3s1p-111-v-5c-charge-p-1711.html A LiPO that is shorter than 100mm fits in the stock
  9. Very nice Nikon! I'm also using a cylinder head by Modify, but mine is GB-04-02 Aluminum Cylinder Head for Classic Army AUG/G36C ... I think. Seems to work well also. Btw, I have used mainly Modify parts for couple of years and they have very good quality. Only problem is there's no good retailer in Europe.
  10. I'm using AUG/G36C Cylinder head by Modify in my ACR (with WiiTech nozzle). Works very well.
  11. Finally I had time to put things together: Siegetek torque gears 5KU 8mm bearings G&P AK Type M160 Turbo Charger Motor Deep Fire Ver. 2. Titanium Piston (Titanium Teeth) Modify AUG/G36C cylinder head Modify Polycarbonate Piston Head M120 spring Extreme-Fire SW-Panther chip Wii Tech Hop-up Chamber and Air-tight Nozzle PDI W-hold hop-up bucking Power: 405 FPS / 123 m/s measured with XCORTECH X3200 Battery Type: DualSky 11.1V 30C LiPO The AUG/G36C cylinder head works nicely. The parts in the list are not quite what I was intended to use, but now I had no time to play ar
  12. How the link didn't work? Did you get the login window where you should type the words which are told in the window? Kanzen 8mm ceramic ones were too high. Gears didn't fit and they were also too high on the other side and touching the selector plate. Can you tell what kind of stories you have heard? I must admit that I have managed to break one set of gears. But I think it was due poor lubing....
  13. My parts list can be found here . Yes, I used MAG shims. I was going to use ceramic bearings also...but Kanzen did not fit. I guess later I will buy Modify bearings also. I think I'm going to try 8mm SMOOTH gear set from Modify someday also. I've been very happy with Modify gear sets. In Berget 8 event last year I shot with my RPK almost 7000 rounds in 20min. My RPK has 7mm Modify SMOOTH torque gear set and I'm running it with 11.1V 2100 mAh 30C lipo. I haven't done any tests yet, cause I just got all things together a couple a days ago. But I must say with torque gears the fire rat
  14. I tried Kanzen bearings and they were too high. I wasn't able to shim at all and Siegeteks were too tight.to fit With original bushings/bearings I used only a few shims (some of my shims are 0.08 mm). That way I was able to fit those Siegeteks.
  15. I'm too...but I've been quite busy. I really hope I can get things together and test it next week.
  16. I'm going to use this kind of cylinder head. Though, mine is made by Modify. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/shs-steel-cylinder-head-for-g36-aeg-long-type-nozzle.html The piston I have has one teeth removed and fits very well with Riot gears. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/shs-full-steel-14-teeth-piston.html I think the shimming of Riot spur gear is a bit tricky. It can be shimmed quite easily too tight.
  17. Have you noticed there's a quite big spacer/weight inside piston. I removed that, cause I replaced the piston head (using head with bearing by Modify) Btw, has anyone tried to replace cylinder head? I was thinking to try G36C/AUG head... there's not much difference in length (I'm also using Wii Tech nozzle)
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