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  1. The one from aggressor studio would do well, but any microswitch would do. Just look for the same design and it should work, can't find the link to the replacement everyone always says to get. If I were all of you though, I would seriously consider waiting. The PTS Masada Trigger and mosfet solution has finally arrived! Drop in replacement + mosfet system designed by our friend that used to run AWS. It's called the chimera and its built basically as a cross between the Extreme Fire Lion and the AWS Raptor mosfets (beast of many faces, IE a Chimera). It's the best mosfet around and they
  2. Modify purple or element red both work without modification. A modify one is holding mine at 390 fps and 30 rps
  3. Hey guys, just an update about my Masada. Got it fully upgraded finally and working, although I'm having bouncing issues that will soon be solved by some programming and an extra data module extreme fire is going to fix up for me. I run Firefox 11.1v 20c batteries, got about 4 of them so I don't run out. Got an AWS Pulse running it in without the green gear detection wire installed (for the sake of making it less complicated so I have a working gun until my SSR comes back to me. Element Red Ultra Torque Motor turns the RiotSC Revolution gears with modify bushings. I have a Modify pisto
  4. Unless you are running the polarstar In this setup, you shouldn't get that barrel. Really nothing over 400 mm helps unless it's a gas setup. It's common knowledge that 6.03 provides better accuracy and range than 6.01, the quality matters more. I only get PDI, edgi or Prometheus. Mad bull if I'm feeling poor.
  5. The nub is proprietary, but you can glue others in. They should make a massoud lower, I would buy that.
  6. I painfully disagree, my SSR is putting shots out to 390' with it. It's just a matter of installing it correctly.
  7. R Hop.... having it installed this week. Should be engaging targets past 350'.
  8. I find it kind of lacking but after a new motor and bucking it's good to go.
  9. http://www.everything-airsoft.com/blog/2011/05/09/iron-airsoft-gbbr-conversion-kit-for-magpul-pts-acr/ GBB PTS Masada? You jelly?
  10. THe ARES Bearing spring guide works.
  11. Dammiiiiiit lol now I am going to buy this modify set, guys think replacing the cylinder as well as the piston head would be a good idea? (i am using the stock cylinder and a Prommy POM piston head)
  12. http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=29&products_id=25964 So that one instead?
  13. I'm going to buy a Guarder V3 cylinder head since it has the double o ring design.
  14. marui is good, but I'm not sure it matters. The problem isn't quality of bucking, it's lack of hop (the arms doesn't push down enough.)
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