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    WE G39C GBB

    $220 shipped from airsoft Gi The body is made of a durable polymer, though it seems that it isn't on a 1:1 ratio with a real g36c - but it feels solid enough. Handguards, stocks, and carry handles are interchangeable with AEG parts. The internals are alll reinforced. The piston seems to be polymer. The other internals are either iron or steel - potmetal is absent. Everything plainly is durable. The system seems fairly simple and is easy to maintain/ upgrade. Overall the gun feels easy to manuever and use. It's light for a combat rifle but it's sturdy. The perfomance is quite satisfying on Green Gas when the magazine is filled completely on a fresh can of green gas. Accuracy is quite good, small groupings are easy to manage at short ranges with .20 grams - .25 grams are recommended by me. The muzzle velocity is recorded by ASGI to be 370 Fps, the power is enough to shoot through 2 layers of cardboard and shred empty cans on two sides. Cooldown is noticeable but benighn on automatic bursts. The cyclic rate of fire is quite high, perhaps around 1300rpm. On semi-automatic I can get around 5 magazines worth of BB's (keep in mind with a fresh can of green gas and a full charge at 60 degrees). I can recharge my magazine after firing and attain similiar results again and again for hours. Trigger pull is very light, reloading is very easy. Iron sights can be adjusted easily and both sets are effective. Fire mode selector clicks in place and feels solid, ignore the selection indicator as it isn't always on place with the selector switch. Recoil exists even with the good quality, thick rubber at the end of the stock. It's quite satisfying. I have no complaints for the performance. WE said co2 mags were coming out. Magazines are leak free. Overall it ranks highest in reliability and performance. It scores a 7/10 in realism because it has a locking bolt and unrealistic dimensions. Price to value ratio is pretty decent. Upgradibility is quite high, a 9/10. Plenty of parts to interchange for the body, RA tech will obviously come up with a few reinforced internals. Evik will sell the 450 FPS upgrade kit. co2 mags coming out. Fancy stickers for realism are available. ETC. My only dissapointments would be the locking bolt and inavailibility of the c beta mags for this gun. - Seriosly, I want to make this into an mg36 - RA tech, WE, some random 3rd person company - just someone make them! (preferably co2 compatible)

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