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  1. tbh i havnt used the svd much yet so i cant realy comment on it it shoots very nicly but i need to spend some range time to get used top it the same as i have with my aps. the fps out of the box is very very nice no upgrades needed. and it is very well made.
  2. hell when you have 10 long arms forgive me a letter. my pistols arnt in the piccy as i dint have enough spac on the bed
  3. ok from the top left hand side aps2 SV with lots of goodies TM ak 47 Spas 12 gp30 for my ak ICS ak 74M TM m16a2 right hand side from the top KM head SVD druganov with psop1 scope M3 super 90 MP5 what i want ( its modular dont ya know) M60 e3 shorty with angs upgrade . my lil porkchop G36C edit ta ubar
  4. Carrion

    ICS AK74M

    not being funny here but its one thing to ask for a breakdown drawing but you are taking the micky when you say you want someone to take there newq, £250 gun part so you can see what it looks like. ive got one and if you asked me to i would tell you where to go. if in time i needs stripping then i no doubnt will take piccies and help make a repair guide for it but less than a 2 weeks after they get into the uk. i mean be fair
  5. Carrion

    ICS AK74M

    ok 1 it IS compatible with TM AK mags, and vice versa. 2) you can not fit a GP30 to it look on the red alliance as i cont be bothered to type it all out
  6. Carrion

    Carrions Guns n stuffs

    my prettys
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