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  1. lucky you! im still deciding between the scar L, CQC, and heavy
  2. lol i know how that feels. ppl keep asking me if i had a gas rifle.....
  3. I might have to opt for the scarL. I already have 5-6 sopmod mags and if scar H cant take any of them.... sad face... Concerning the marui scar, what advantages does the scar H have over the L? Is it just the adjustable length barrel?
  4. yeah, so this means that the scar H will have another set of proprietary mags and cant accept the socom/sopmod mags??!! or just that one specific mag (that comes with the scar H) that's suppose to chamber the 7.62 just wont fit in the sopmod/socom? just want to make sure because this will be a big factor to picking up that scar H!
  5. can that scar H mag be used in SOPMOD and SOCOM rifles? (and vice versa) It should still have the same magazines compatibility i believe. maybe just a new designed mag for the scar H?
  6. thanks ginga. im trying to decide what my next ebb should be...
  7. how does it sound vs the m4 sopmod>? I know on some videos the TM sopmod doesnt sound as impressive until you actually shoot it in person. Right now, im looking at videos at the g36c and 36k and wondering how this really sounds compared to the sopmod. Any insight? In the videos, the g36 series sound like clicks when the bolt moves back and forth. How different does it sound in person?
  8. i got mine from echigoya, socom clocked in at 310. Perfect fps for me. My sopmod was 300 on the dot
  9. with the price of a PTW, you could buy TWO TM ebbs...
  10. thanks snoop, my socom is sporting the RIS and oh does it look so good (i didnt like the fat handguards that it came with). Just ordered a peq box too. life is good
  11. how do you remove that silver metal rod that runs through the handguard? the ris is not fitting as well as i hoped.. i know im doing smth wrong EDIT: im finding it impossible to fit the top rail with that fuse box. Do I have to remove that?
  12. is there a peq box you recommend? it would be nice to have a good functioning laser as well as a decent storage unit
  13. guys, got an extremely noob question. So, i have the socom and sopmod. I want to put the sopmod rails onto the socom. I remember someone saying a few pages back that it would be a drop in fit. Question is, How do i get the battery into the peq box by configuring the wires? do i have the cut that stock plastic wrap that holds the wire to the barrel and then just fish it through one of the holes (from the rail) into the peq box? I've never configured to an external peq box. Thanks as always to this great group of sopmod lovers!
  14. **scratches body and arm vigorously with TM ebbs** I nneed MOAR
  15. druid, we gotta have a contest to see who has more TM EBBs! I have the socom and sopmod, i'm selling a few unused AEGs to pick up the TM scar. It's like crack....
  16. richy, my stock tube on my m4 sopmod keeps coming loose (i bought an ar wrench tool and tightened it to tight-as-can-be). However, it just comes loose again after a while. Should I be applying any type of adhesive to make it stay?
  17. Ok, please! do you know how much it would be in USD and how long it takes to ship to the US? I checked the website just now but i guess it hasnt been updated. When you add it, could you send me the link?
  18. How do i get a replacement if i lose my butt plate? The battery doesnt fall out but it would be nice to have it.... Im having much difficulty finding one. I email echigoya and they dont have the replacement nor is it listed in their m4 SOPMOD parts list.
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