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  1. Seems like a lot of 'old timers' are coming back into airsoft.... maybe it's got something to do with Covid and the lockdown and realising how much good fun airsoft used to be....I know I'm all pumped up to start playing again.... bought a 417 and a 416 over the last few months and I'm eager to get out there.......
  2. Arnie what's the difference between the two Socomgear Vests ? And what's their price please? thx
  3. AEG received today.... this thing is a beauty..... Thanks blazed99
  4. Thanks for your reply. If I may ask, how long is the barrel length from the edge of the upper receiver. I hazard to guess it's best for woodland in its current configuration?
  5. Go faster chest rigs? Is that the same concept as go faster stripes on a 1.2 Corsa? Interesting point on the hop rubbers. I have a firefly in my Marui Recoil. I believe it was the best at the time circa 2012? So things have now moved on since then? Perhaps I should replace it?
  6. Mine on the box says Recoil Shock which is why I was curious what the Next Generation meant. I've looked online at some recent gearbox teardown of the NGRS and it looks identical to what I can remember on mine way back in 2012... Let's face it the V2 recoil gearbox is bullet proof and they can't really improve on something which was good, other than replace the monkey metal with a better alloy.... God I remember snapping a couple of Marui gearboxes in the early days lol...
  7. May I ask, how old is the AEG and how much use has it had? Also is it fully boxed? Other than the rewiring nothing else has been done to it? And is the 6.03 barrel included?
  8. Is this a Next Gen Recoil shock AEG? thanks
  9. The Tokyo Marui Next Generation Recoil Shocks seems to be quite interesting. They seems to average £500-£600 for an AEG. I swear in the good olde days a recoil would set you back £350 tops.... I know coz I have 2 of them stock SCAR L and a heavily upgraded M4 SOCOM. (which I can't recall what I've done to it lol). I just ordered 2 new lips from the component shop and both guns are alive. By the way, how does one get rid of old LIPOS? If anyone knows the difference between the new Nect Gen Recoil Shocks and the older recoil shock model I'd be quite interested to hear. Ho
  10. OMG, this place still lives..... Even my password works... ! I joined in 2003! Can you believe that!!! I've still got most of my kit, a couple of TM Recoils, one Tac'd Systema, a couple of Western Arms pistols, 2 Glocks, a TM MP5, a custom AEG which I put together and blimey an electric drum mag and one of those Mosquito Moulds grenade launcher. Oh not to mention a real aim point and and L2 sight (what possessed me to buy RS sights lol)... and a sh@t load of BB's! Anyway, I'm gonna get back into Airsoft this years so I can lose my beer belly. Running around woodland is one way of bu
  11. Superb video Richard..... very much appreciated..... Thx
  12. A H nub? So you've replaced the standard marui nub and hop rubber too?
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