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  1. My Sig Mk24 project, based on the issue P226 non railed as used by US Naval Special Warfare in the mid naughties. Built around a TM, although... probably only a few pins and springs left now. Installed a Guarder kit, and all the associated Steel parts. Has had a real Hogue grip modified to fit on it.The special sauce is the real old gen Sig #7 rear sight that the slide had to be milled to fit. Finished with a Surefire P114-C, Sig Lunchbox and a real Sig magazine. Cheers, Michael
  2. 10.5" CQBR and and 16" Recce uppers, GHK platform.
  3. Fine tuning my late naughties NSWDG BB blasters. VFC HK416 (V2) GBB VFC MP7A1 (V2) GBB Cheers, Michael
  4. Latest iteration of my 2009 DG Blaster (Still WIP) VFC HK416 GBB (V2) Airsoft Artisan AAC Can Element 600b Element KAC Broomhandle FMA LA5 Knights Front Flip-Up A.R.M.S. 40L EoTech 552 Hogue Overmoulded Grip VFC 'Colt' M4 Selector
  5. VFC/Umarex MP7A1 w/ Angry Gun Can EoTech 552 Vtac Sling MFA LA5 Repro Surefire
  6. HK416 pea shooter (in two configurations). I just love H&K too damn much...
  7. Keep the picture threads alive! 2008 DOM LBT 1961A AOR2
  8. My current 6mm pride & joy GHK based Block I CQBR
  9. Small old world ain't it? Lemme drop you a PM... See Arnies! Who needs Facebook 🤣
  10. So for anyone interested, I played again! And yes, I had a great time! Not sure I'll play regularly, but nice to dip my toes back into the gaming side of it all. Thought playing with only GBBRs would suck, but actually enjoyed it, and the short game styles didn't disadvantage me too much. Cheers, Michael
  11. Can't believe it was Jan I started this thread 😅 A year on, and I've just accepted an invite to go to a local game at the start of Jan. A bit nervous, being away from it for a decade, but hoping it is a smooth transition into something fun. Wish me luck! 😂
  12. I think Boom Arms still trade online with their hilariously ancient website, but the cafe was one of the first to go yonks ago. That unit is a Thai restaurant or hotpot place now, I can't remember exactly. Frankly I can't answer the root cause, but I remember a mass exodus from Kwong Wah about ten years ago (likely due to ridiculous rent) and a few moved to and area called Lai Chi Kok (where WGC and Redwolf now operate their online shop from, after also bouncing around a few places). Since then the handful that did go out there, eventually moved to Diamond Hill which sort of had a new cl
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