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  1. Delta_Knight

    Helmet Pictures Thread - part II

    Old school build I did over the new year break 😄 2006 SEAL Team 3 MICH 2000, as per the Ramadi ref below.
  2. Delta_Knight

    H&K Picture Thread

    My VFC HK416 GBB with my VFC MP7 as above 😄 VFC RAHG Hogue Grip China nonsense optics Magpul CTR Fake Surefire M600/RVG/LA5 'Inspired' by the Mark Owen set-up pics. @blobface The Remington trades are hella cool by the way, might have to get that done too 👍
  3. Delta_Knight

    Glock Picture Thread

    My all-sort-of-bits Glock 17, that I use for 3-gun APSC. It has given me so much heartache, but when it works it shoots well. Started life as a twenty five quid Army R17, but nearly everything has been replaced. Ready Fighter MOS kit, real Glock RMR plate. GunsModify and Guarder everything else, inside and out. Oh, a Crazy Jet barrel too. I have an ARC Comp for posing, but it is a royal pain in the bum actually shooting with it. Looks nice with an X300, but a pain to holster. Running a Safariland 579 GLS on the UBL at the moment. Must have been through several shops fixing and replacing bits, so let''s see how long it last this time 🙄
  4. Delta_Knight

    Pics of your Gear

    I'm not one for silly social media trends, but being back on Arnies prompted me to start flicking through my old albums from back in the day. So this is a bit tongue in cheek. While there were some brilliantly cringe worthy 'Airsofter Loadouts' which I thought looked the dogs danglies back then, I found this pic from 2009 of my first 'Impression'. Back when all I wanted to do was impress the guys from Wannabe. Laugh. Was all Pantac stuff, and stuff my Dad made in the shed but I thought for the money I put into it from a Saturday job looked alright. Flash forward to 2019, and it's Crye, LBT bla bla. mashed in with some China made stuff. Even though I quit Airsoft, my fascination with kit never went away.
  5. Delta_Knight

    Were There Ever Arnies Patches?

    Patch arrived at my parents place in the UK Arnie, thanks a lot! My old man was visiting this site when it was infancy, and is a reg'ed user from around '06 too. He was a bit jealous of the patch, as he spent many years here too 😂 He asked me to tell you that you deserved a medal for keep the fire burning here for so long 😉 Cheers Michael
  6. Delta_Knight

    Helmet Pictures Thread - part II

    Thread resurrection - shazam! Devgru 2011 Jump Set up (A few small inaccuracies, but close enough for my tastes) Pictured with CAG 2012 lid:
  7. Delta_Knight

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    100 Percent this. I have only been involved in one Facebook group, was for Star Wars costuming. I got absolutely sick of the same old questions being asked every few days, to the point where it gave me no added value, as a long time member to stay in it. So I quit. And Facebook Groups are so whimsical, there is rarely anything substantial. I can imagine there Airsoft ones are just 2 types of people: Clueless teenagers asking same old Wealthy person who quietly drops a pic of an expensive toy *A bazillion million like this* In the 2 days I have been visiting Arnies again, I have had more structured conversation than any Facebook group has given me 😂
  8. Delta_Knight

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    What the hell? I mean, anyone active on any Airsoft or AR-15 forum back in the mid to late 2000s had heard of him. I used to follow him for all his MLCS kit. Crazy story. I just had a Google, and read a local journos article. Couldn’t make it up!
  9. Delta_Knight

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Blimey, those names ring a bell! Where do you shoot Katotaka? I'm at Doubletap on and off throughout the year, but I'm an absolute rookie still.
  10. Delta_Knight

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Thanks for the replies everyone, it is most appreciated! I am glad I am not the only one who misses 'the good old days'. I think I'll pop Arnies back on my daily read rotation for old times sake, and for the occasional comment 😉
  11. Delta_Knight

    Were There Ever Arnies Patches?

    Hope these are still available 😅 Ordered 1 to a UK address, Receipt 2EF04129D1698473W. Cheers Arnie!
  12. Delta_Knight

    H&K Picture Thread

    My DEVGRU Blaster, built as a wall hanger. VFC GBB MP7A1 w/rails FMA TB0072 LA5 Mcnett Digital Desert camo tape Element M600b Aim-O T1 Painted using Rustoleum Khaki 1917, and Tamiya Wooden Deck Tan, JGSDF Brown and Light Sand.
  13. Delta_Knight

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    2006 to 2008, this place was KICKING. Jeez, this place really was a huge deal for me back then. I could honestly mash refresh on the boards in an afternoon, instead of revising for whatever exams I was taking at the time, and there would be something new to see. I always thought Arnies UK focus but international flavour of the membership made it the best around.
  14. Delta_Knight


    Just for anyone looking here for info, as far as I am aware they are not closing per se. They're relocating, but have not finalised a location, hence the stock liquidation. Their retail space in HK is nearly totally stripped of anything. Where and when they will re-open remains to be seen, but they don't seem to have plans to vanish completely.
  15. Delta_Knight

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Thanks for the reply folks, glad to hear that not all love is lost for traditional text based boards. Makes me wonder how much is tied to Airsoft as a hobby in general too. I can't comment too much on the scene globally as I've been away for so long, but based purely on retail here in HK, Kwong Wah Street is depressing. In my teens, my old man and I used to spend a day in and out of the shops, comparing prices, bargaining with the shop keepers, but now, I struggle to kill half an hour there. The golden years, where nearly every shop was Airsoft, compared to now, where it is more dessert shops and watch boutiques. A new shop did just open, so maybe there is life in the old girl yet. My main link to the hobby is the DevT6 boards, as my interest has always been more nylon than tappet plates and motors, but they're struggling too. I think the niche level is what is keeping it afloat.

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