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  1. KSC M93r ii, like this one, with this compensator and these mags. And fitting the compensator is no picnic, let me tell you. Not too bad, but it don't just clip on, if you see what I am saying.
  2. Harry, no feed problems, but I have not had a serious go yet. I've only fired a couple of mags through to test the conversion. I got no garden, no yard, and the missus gets irate when I fire BBs across the flat. The M9 mags don't click in quite as positively, I did notice. They are secure once in, but you got to push them in solidly. If you are a bit limp-wristed with them, they come straight back out. Shouldn't be a problem in the long run. I will do a proper write-up once I can get them somewhere to really put them through their paces, I swear it.
  3. Fixed the M93r offsite link. Stupid host won't let me remote link or allow entry into any page other than the front. [new link]
  4. damnit. Forgot website won't allow remote host. Will get on it.
  5. Had to share, I just finished adding compensators to my pair of KSC m93r's. Click pic for full size goodness. More pics of the pair here, including size comparisons with Desert Eagle and Beretta 92f. *edit* updated URL *edit*
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