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  1. Lol, thanks! I'll list 'em and stick 'em up soon, when I have a working M15 and M11 ...and when snowman sends back my USP ...and when I get my 4 M15 mid-caps! The full list is AEGs - TM M1A1 Thompson w/ genuine US Vietnam issue M1 canvas OD sling and 2 420rd hi-caps - CA M15A4 Carbine w/ 3-point OD sling and 4 G&P mid-caps - TM P90TR w/ custom grip-tape on grip area and 1 lo-cap (awaiting mags/batteries, when I get the cash... ) GBBs - KSC S&W M945 w/ hand-painted OD frame - KWA Glock 19 w/ sanded silver metal slide and Hogue Handall rubber gr
  2. There we go - finally got pics of this up It's gone from being a bog-standard M945, to being, as I've dubbed it, the S&W-Wilson Performance Center M945 CQB The paint job is a little rough as it was brush-painted, and there's a rough-looking masked-off area around the serial number (it's a proper KSC so I didn't want to lose that). These make it look more 'authentic' and 'operator-painted' in my opinion, though (although I doubt many operators use Performance Center M945 pistols, of course ). Still, it's my baby, and once I get a new working mag from snowman (tomorrow hopefull
  3. LHH - that USP got a metal slide? It's SEXY
  4. Sorry, but... *chants* Is that a .45ACP Glock 18C?
  5. That's a lovely M4. Simply lovely. I think it'll keep mine pretty much stock though - when it comes out, I'll chong (yes, a new verb, 'to chong') a CA M203 on there, and I've already got a 3-point sling on it. Aimpoints look nice, so that's a possibility too. Beyond that though, I don't want to over-accessorise it.
  6. It's always the way. It's just a shame that sometimes it's more like... *looks at new paintjob* *thinks about old looks of gun* *looks at new paintjob* *reaches for white spirit* *paint won't come off* These SOCOMs keep getting good comments. I have just watched Tears Of The Sun again. Damn you, SOCOM craving!
  7. Heh, it looks like a heavy enough gun... Quite tasty though - with a huge number of SUITABLE accessories, Armalites can still look ok
  8. That's because they won't break if you fall on them They're BETTER than the MP5 range, so the price will be HIGHER. It's not that hard to understand, surely?
  9. w0t am b3stest r3view??!1111 Arnie's CA36C review! Amazing stuff. No doubt I could have done something more worthwhile with my life than reading a 7-page review of some stupid toy gun, but that was superb. The best, and certainly the most detailed (!) airsoft review I've ever seen.
  10. Eh? We've seen most of those before. Still looks gorgeous though!
  11. I'm doing mine be hand, with brush! It's taken some time and perhaps isn't quite as nice as an airbrushed or sprayed coat would be, but I couldn't remove the grips, and I'd really rather not strip down, and then inevitably cock up, the only gun I can use with my large winter gloves (Hatch Reactor full-fingers, they are, and rather nice they are too ).
  12. Nice. I'm painting my M945 in OD as I speak, so I'll get pics up soon (just waiting for a coat of black on the grips to dry, see )
  13. Ooh, CZ-75. You don't see many of them, and they look lovely!
  14. Short memory spam? Makes sense...
  15. Thing is, it's not exactly the easiest gun to completely strip down. Also, getting the grips off looks like fun, because they look sort of like Allen keys that hold them on, but all small sizes of Allen key I have don't fit.
  16. How did you paint it? Airbrushing is clearly the way forward, but if I was to paint the frame of my M945 it'd be difficult to mask everything off...
  17. Aw man the paint on that M16 looks really good! I don't normally go in for fancy paint schemes, but that one has me... Also love the paint scheme on the M945 - I might consider doing that with mine. Then again it's so unusual anyway...hmmmm... Oh and an oxymoron is like an adjective-noun pairing that don't go together. Like 'Cold Fire', 'Sick Health', 'Feather of Lead' (yes, I've just done Romeo & Juliet at school.. ). Normally I'd make a peroxymoron-blonde joke, but this time I'll restrain myself.
  18. I say just disable post counts in the Off-Topic and Humour & Jokes sections.
  19. HaVoC

    1911 Picture Thread

    Well if you look at some reviews... They're pistols. They're designed for CQB. If you get either from a reputable manufacturer it'll be decent...
  20. Like the man said...although I thought he said he had some sort of mild disorder of some sort (no offense if you haven't mate, but I thought you said you had ) - dyslexia or summat.
  21. Where do you play - I can't imagine many places where that'd blend in with the environment. Looks nice, though.
  22. That's the nicest thing ever. Fact.
  23. USB! TAQ IS BACK! To quote dafool That really is a monstrous beast - and darn ugly if you ask me. till, if you like it then who am I to complain?!
  24. Looks pretty much the same to me - it's black as opposed to dark grey but...
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