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  1. rhino

    Good ol' TaQ... Doesn't frequent the forums as much as he used to :(

  2. TaQ

    USP Picture Thread

    The USP UTL should be arriving next week. Check www.tactical-innovations.com they do the UTL for $132.95USD plus an extra $26 to ship to UK
  3. TaQ

    1911 Picture Thread

    I've just dug out my Infinity manual, but the manual doesn't actually say SCW3 anywhere on it, just "S.C.W SV" According to the manual the hop up is adjusted via a hex wrench on the bb loading ramp in the chamber. Below that picture is an illustration of 3 bbs going up, level and down. I take it this is definately how to adjust the hop up. By all means, correct me if I am wrong, this is my first WA pistol. I've had no experience with WA whatsoever.
  4. TaQ

    1911 Picture Thread

    You're referring to all SCW3 guns? I have a SCW3 SV Infinity and thats got adjustable hop up.. Edit: Also, where did you get those 1911 rubber grips?
  5. My very first WA GBB. SCW Ver.3 SV Infinity Expert 6inch Silver (what a mouthful..)
  6. http://www.gun-freedom-art.com/ This is the Hi-capa parts: http://www.gun-freedom-art.com/hi45.html http://www.gun-freedom-art.com/top.html Take note of this: It says 360000 yen...... I've just XE'ed that and it equals to 175.708 GBP....................................................... Edit: I still think the frame isn't long enough.... the front block can be lengthened easier than the SAS kit as the only attachment is the bottom screw. Might get this..
  7. If the front block needs to be customed, the front thread and two grub screws need to be modded too. As the front block is modded, it still has to detach itself from the rail section for the slide to come off. It's very cumbersome, but it's the closest gun I can get with a lengthy compensator (I still can't get hold of that M9 railed compensator..)
  8. Note when buying the SAS kit: the screws which screw into the receiver start to loosen due to the recoiling. The whole kit starts to move side to side. The SAS kit is definately worth buying. If only the front block was longer, I would be 100% satisfied (anyone know gunsmiths who can mod the front block afew cm's longer?
  9. It's ummm..... mounted on my M15a4... Here's some pictures: I fixed the cocking handle spring problem, so theres no need to sell the rifle. Made some videos, but need hosting....
  10. Oops.. Forgot to say KWA G23Fs don't come with the additional magholder RIS rail.. One of my G23Fs was KSC, but came in a KWA box, but nevertheless my rail was still included.
  11. AH. Now I get what you're saying. Sorry I wasn't paying attention.. Well since I have a shower shell I finally found out that the trigger on the M203 is actually normal, it's a stiff squeeze, similar to a GBB. Anyway, on with another patch of the review: Update: KingArms 165 shot ShowerShell (This part of the review is a kind of follow-up to the review on www.airsoft-guide.com found here so read that review first before reading this) Okay, I got my KingArms 165 shower shell through the post today (from AirsoftScotland) and found the package to be half chopped
  12. Ummmm..... don't understand ANYTHING you said there.. lol, but I've got a KingArms 165 shower shell and the C33 handguard now. I can update on the review now. Well.... I nicked it from downstairs... it was simply a random pen! I've just realised now that it's CapitalOne
  13. Okay so I got my SP RIS M203 through the post today, along with a ICS PEQ box with laser (that I bought on impulse.. I don't even need it) I bought both items via ASCUK through a dude called HighTower aka Kevin Small, absolutely wicked chap indeed. Anyway, this isn't a full review, as I don't have a gas grenade, nor a RIS rail on my M15a4 to even attach the M203 onto.... (I know you're thinking "what a gimp..") But hey, I never expected to buy a M203, that is until I saw Kevin's bargain in the for sale section (you're a star mate.) First impressions Well I was jumping for
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