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  1. Yeah looks normal to me too... That an ICS MP5? It looks really good
  2. That actually looks quite sexy now. Still, I must have an Armalite first...
  3. Get that metal body on quick, or it'll squick more than dafool's moped!
  4. Meh...since when have you had that lovely AUG?!
  5. Yes, scopes on guns used for woodland, as long as the magnification isn't too high, can be a great help sometimes. You might think that looks stupid, he obviously doesn't. Nothing gives you the right to criticise that.
  6. Wow Warhogg, P90 fetish or what?!
  7. SilentScope, those are some of the best airsoft pics I've ever seen. Wow, words defy me.
  8. "Colt 1911s make me sooooo horny!" They are actually sexually arousing...to some people...not me though...oh no...ahem...
  9. Love the P7 (springer presumably), and it looks like someone's nicked my Glock 19! EDIT: Those dual 1911s really are 'teh sex' too, aren't they?! I now have a rather nice rubber Hogue Handall grip (cheers Azrael) on my G19 so I'll have to update the pics sometime.
  10. That P90 looks pretty damn nice, and although AKs don't really do it for me, it looks nice I suppose The pics of my 2 current favourites are too big to post, so I'll post links instead. Also a pic of my new custom and a Sledge Special. KWA Glock 19 - Pic 1 KWA Glock 19 - Pic 2 KWA Glock 19 - Pic 3 TM M1A1 Thompson My lastest custom project... Just for you, Sledge, just for you...
  11. Darn, I knew I forgot to post something, and that was is... *slaps forehead in amusing manner with palm of hand*
  12. The little banner-ad link thing to WGC on the left, under the nav bar, links to the old web address. They've moved to www.wgcshop.com, and although you're redirected after 10 seconds, perhaps it's worth changing... Just a thought
  13. Excellent review, Antagon! If I had cash to spare I'd try to seek out a classic airsoft gun like that - there's no doubt you've convinced me!
  14. HaVoC

    1911 Picture Thread

    Yeah, but it's a double-stacker gun loosely based on the 1911 series so that's fine And hey, you think it looks ugly, I think it looks ugly but unusual. To each his own, eh? Cheers for the info mate
  15. HaVoC

    1911 Picture Thread

    Right, earlier (much, much earlier...) I said I may convert and try another WA 1911 series gun. So I have. Sorry for this thread hi-jack but I've decided, in all my wisdom, to go for a WA SV/I Tactical Carry (the one with the meat hammer muzzle block). I felt that all SV/I guns looked IDENTICAL, and wanted something different. So there it is. Again, sorry to hijack the thread and all, but if anyone could just sneak in a comment as to whether the gun's any good or not it'd be much appreciated (I am converting to 1911s after all ). Oh and I have read snowman's excellent review over
  16. There used to be loads of reviews. One of them was of the CamelBak ThermoBak for example. Where are they now? Some reviews are back up but some have just gone (like said CamelBak review)...
  17. HaVoC

    1911 Picture Thread

    hwaya - is that a real-steel gun? Cos there's no mag fill vavle on the bottom of the mag, but it does have 'Kimber' egraved on it...
  18. My 'what am best gun' thread has been revived... R22's modding it - look in the newbie' forum.
  19. HaVoC

    1911 Picture Thread

    I have a bad relationship with 1911 - when I get one I either don't like it (WA 1911 IED) or it breaks (WA Para Ord). Still, all these 1911s are almost making me cream with delight. Almost. 1911, all of your guns are truly gorgeous to look at, but which one is the nicest to fire? And not to go off-topic but what do you think of the Hi-Capa 5.1 compared to the rest?
  20. Have done now. I'll see what happens...
  21. I think so - my IE security setting is 'Low' so I think it accepts all 3rd party cookies... ...oh, and if that wasn't a fast response then what is?!
  22. Right, I know you've got sh*t-loads to do so this ain't a major thing, but I may as well make the note Whenever I return to the site I'm logged out, despite having 'Remember me' checked. So, no large thing but just a tad annoying and something to be ironed out at some point Keep up the good work Arn..."You da man!"
  23. IT LIVES!!! Arnie you kick *albatross* man! </hyperactive American>
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