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  1. Hello! Some Winter sniping from Finlands Lapland! Enjoy! Remember to comment and give some feedback!
  2. This is my KJW M700 that has been my little project for a year. From original I first upgraded it with better hop up and barrel. After that tapped to CO2 using Tanaka Long mag. Co2 and Gas wasn't very good choices but now I'm using HPA and getting chronoing results that varies +-1m/s when gun is shooting 150-160m/s. 160-170m/s variation is around 3m/s. Here is link to proof this. And of course my gun is painted using Krylon OD, Light green and dark brown by tapping colors with sponge. Some pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124508315@N02/14355738538/in/set-72157645445453155
  3. Hi guys! Joshua TBC, that TRG-22 looks like something "I must have". What comes to gas operating sniper rifles here is my suggestion. Go and by HPA regulator and other stuff needed. I bought my KJW M700 Police model as used gun. I read punch of forums and started to upgrade it. When it was gas operated it had velocity changes around 10m/s. Finally I bought HPA regulator,lines and fittings. Here is video that I made today. In this video I show you differences between gas operating and HPA. I'm using KJW 10rds gas mag, Tanaka long gas mag and Tanaka Long mag as HPA. Regulator is Balys
  4. Hi everybody! We had small game in Finland that was held in island called Laitakari. It's like jungle because it was Europes biggest sawmill during beginning of 1900. After the sawmill burned the island turned very eutrophic during summers. BUT this video has few common airsoft failures that are very annoying when they happens and these happened to me at the same time! Hope it is fun and u like it!
  5. Hi! This is just a quicky peek to my KJW M700 that I upgraded during winter. I will be making more and longer videos during this summer. Hope u like it! Gun information is in this video.
  6. Hi! After a year I posted my last airsoft video, I managed to go out and test my two airsoft guns! This time my guns were A&K Mk43 Mod0 that I re-shimmed and fixed it's AOE. 11.1V 20C battery and SHS M130 spring makes it run quick and gun sound beautiful! Second gun that is in the end is my KJW M700 that I started to work with in winter time. It has Begadi co2 booster so I can adjust velocity as I want and shots are more stable than with gas. But let's get to the point! Hope u all like it!
  7. Hi guys! I got A&K SR25(M110) that is highly upgraded and got tested it today in our weekend game. I but there some moving and Scope cam footage, hope you like it.
  8. Hello, We were playing in Finland in a city called Kemi. There we were playing in Kemi's Snowcastle and I got something on film. Castle were closed from turist so our airsoft organisers took action and asked promision to play in that castle. We do this every year. There are lot's of situation inside the castle but because of the darkness(no lights) the camera doesn't catch everything. So here is the video:
  9. Here is some videos that I made in summer. These videos are my first and with scopecam my camera moved a little to the left so thats why some shots are on the right sight. I used GoPro Hero as helmet cam and about five years old JVC? GZ-MS90E. Videos: Scope cam MK43&M24 SIG 552, KJW MEU& WE Hi-capa(full auto) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqDKZSYaJDI Hope you like.
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