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  1. hugh_b

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Hi guy's, i'm thinking of purchasing the we tech m4 cqb co2 ready version. I've tried to read through this thread but haven't got alot of time right now and 300 pages takes along time! I'm hopeing someone can help... -How are the latest c02 ready versions of this gbb? What should i be looking at upgrading or are they good out of the box apart from pprehaps an n-pas? Thanks Hugh
  2. hugh_b

    WE SCAR Review

    Tried one of these at a site today and ordered one from tactical quartermaster when i got home! From what I can see here i'm going to need: -N-pas -Stinger hop unit -Possibly a lighter bolt? Anything else you chaps would reccomend? Hugh
  3. hugh_b

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Sorry for the poor quality pic...lighting was bad! My warrior ricas compact. I'm currently running 6 g&p mid-caps and one in the gun. I may purchase another 2 and add one more of my mag pouches but not sure yet. Fitted to the rear i have a warrior hydration pouch and adjustable radio pouch. Out of interest what do you guy's actually put in your utility pouches? The only things i'll need even for large weekenders are food, ammo, speed loader etc.
  4. I currently have a bowman headset on the way from them. I ordered it via their e-bay store on the 15th and received my tracking info yesterday. I've read a few things saying they are hit and miss, hopefully everything will run nice and smoothly!
  5. Bought 2 intellect 9.6v nun-chuck batteries from ehobby, paid for the express delivery which is meant to take 3-5 days. I have tracked them online and found that parcel force have had them since Tuesday, and they have released them with charges! They only cost $26 each so that's less that the allowed £36 but charges have still been applied?? Am i right to question this?
  6. Just looking at all the magpul stuff on ebaybanned, is this genuine kit or "genuine replica" lol?? Looking at the m4 stock and miad grip. thanks-Hugh
  7. You add everything in the cart, go through checkout and that will direct you to paypal, you pay via this and after you have it will give you the option to go back to ebaybanned...YOU NEED TO DO THIS otherwise they will not know what you have ordered and you will have to wait for an e-mail from them asking what you ordered etc and this slows everything up. So follow the link back to ebaybanned after you have payed and it will all go through ok. thanks-Hugh
  8. yep, knowing my luck i will get screwed over for every charge under the sun lol. It's not moved today so it looks like i might be waiting a while!
  9. it was $105 with shipping, so just over £50, i have read somewhere on here that i shouldn't be charged anything for orders under £60 but i'm sure thats not the case, as it states on the HM customs site and i have always known it to be £36 if marked as a gift and £18 if not. But you nver know, i may be lucky! thanks-Hugh
  10. ok cheers, well it's only an eotech so i shouldn't have any trouble with the whole RIF thing. Just have to see what happens. cheers-hugh
  11. just tracked it,..... "awaiting customs charges" Would that be 5% of original amount and then the £9 that parcelforce will screw me over for, for doing just about nothing?
  12. ordered a 552 from dragonred airsoft, it states it's sent via tnt/ems, does this mean i will receive via courier in the uk or normal post? thanks-Hugh
  13. Hey guy's, just ordered an eotech replica 552 from dragon red airsoft. Bought it via the paypal buy now button and paidaccordingly. I have a receipt for my payment and it took me back to the dragon red website after payment. I then noticed it was possible to register but only as a US customer...have any of you uk guy's ordered from them like i did? How long did it take etc? thanks-Hugh
  14. hugh_b

    Hugh_b photos

    all my photos
  15. hugh_b

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    my d-boys cqb, first ever spray job attempt No reposts from the old thread please. - Hoppum

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