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  1. Hi guy's, i'm thinking of purchasing the we tech m4 cqb co2 ready version. I've tried to read through this thread but haven't got alot of time right now and 300 pages takes along time! I'm hopeing someone can help... -How are the latest c02 ready versions of this gbb? What should i be looking at upgrading or are they good out of the box apart from pprehaps an n-pas? Thanks Hugh
  2. I managed to loose a dust cover that was clipped onto the bottom of my p-mag this weekend. Has anyone else had this problem and can anyone tell me where.if you can get replacement dust covers? Hugh
  3. Tried one of these at a site today and ordered one from tactical quartermaster when i got home! From what I can see here i'm going to need: -N-pas -Stinger hop unit -Possibly a lighter bolt? Anything else you chaps would reccomend? Hugh
  4. Mine all sorted now...Moe stock, grip, asap plate, pts m version p-mags, madbull h nub. I fitted a guarder sp90 spring but this dropped the fps down to 290, so i trimmed 2 coils from the standard spring which has dropped it to 350. Also had to solder on new motor connectors as the magul motor plate wouldn't sit over the end of the motor properly with the screw in style connectors.
  5. Received 6 new pts m mags this morning. Very impressed. All fit & feed perfectly in my g&p lmt. Seem very well made too!
  6. Received mine today...it's the nicest aeg i have had by far, shoots amazingly although it chronoed just a touch hot...400fps!! So i'll be ordering an sp90 spring and running a 7.4v li-po. Hugh
  7. Tempted to go for some new m mags. Does the clip, if clipped to the baseplate interfere with taking mags out of and putting them back in double mag pouches? Hugh
  8. Well, have been sitting here ummmming and arrrring over what to do.....I took the plunge and ordered one! It will have to wait until the end of the month/some more of my stuff sells to purchase a moe stock, some ladder rail covers and mbus but hopefully it will be lovely to use anyway! WHat li-po's are you guy's running? 7.4v stock tube?
  9. Sounds pretty good! Would have to part with my new l85 to fund one though
  10. Just looked at this thread having not read it for a while and saw uscmCorps lmt.... I think i may have to purchase one! Has anyone actually measured the range of one of these? Most aeg's i've had have reached out to 150-180ft max, how would this compare? I'd be wanting to use it for both woodland and urban you see! Hugh
  11. My new ares l85a2 with acm 4x acog and ares 20mm rail adaptor. I thought the new ares came with the parts shown in the split diagram on their website but mine came with a pretty poor cylinder kit but fire support really helped me out and sent me the upgraded parts such as stainless cylinder head and air nozzle etc. I re-shimmed it, fitted a fireworks airsoft mosfet and madbull hop rubber. The standard motor doesn't give me a very good rate of fire (only 18rps with an 11.1v!!). Ordered a g&p m120 high speed to go in it so should be able to run it on a nice big 7.4v li-po but get a decent
  12. Fantastic review! This was on my shopping list until i spent a ridiculous amount on building an l119a1 (mainly from g&p bits). Something i've noticed, this batch now has a brass cylinder again, my m4 from LWA came with a black coated cylinder and i think the sentry's did as well. Probably something that doesn't make much difference but odd that they have changed again! What is the rate of fire like using the li-po? Thanks Hugh
  13. Seems very nicely made buddy! Very bright, more of a concentrated beam as opposed to a flood, but that suits me fine! Lights up rooms easily. A fair bit brigther than a standard real one. It even has surefire trades! Only £26 delivered from rsov too!
  14. started out as a g&p m4a1 a few months back. Now has: MOE stock, grip, handguard and ASAP sling plate. Dragon red eotech xps, element surefire m600 replica flashlight. Prometheus tightbore and hop rubber with scs nub. Latest g&p internals running off a 7.4v li-po.
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