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  1. Thank you for the info, I was wondering the same thing.
  2. So I keep seeing this scope on SCARs in this thread. Can anybody give me a link to this scope?
  3. I found a RS pic of an AR-15 next to a SCAR 16s. The sights look to be the same height on each gun, but I couldn't really say unless I could find dimensions. I will try to place my carrying handle on my DBOYS SCAR once I get it, then we can compare.
  4. Ha! Thanks for the picture reply. I noticed the same thing as well. It can be fixed with a riser mount or a different front sight but I have not used this SCAR in an airsoft battle yet.
  5. This is just the kind of thread I was looking for! I have some pictures of my gen 1 WE SCAR-L closed bolt. I am currently waiting for my DBOYS SCAR-H I ordered 4 weeks ago from China , its stuck in customs. Once I get it I will put up some more pics. SCAR-L with KZ Aluminum Foregrip, and AR-15 RS rear sight (I didn't get a rear sight with it), Ruger MK1 pistol in backdrop if you can see it I figured I would try something new even though my SCAR is almost 100% stock. Cacti!
  6. Are those holes in the mask sufficient for breathability? I have a similar neoprene mask with holes in the same spot, yet all of the hot air gets pushed up to the eyes.
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