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    RSOV/Gunner/any other retailer queries...

    Thank you for the reply, I will try calling tonight when the time is right. I would like to add that none of my anger is directed at Gunner. Gunner did nothing wrong. I'm sure most of the time, Gunner is a very good place to order from. My order shipped out quickly and would have been at my house by now if it were not for U.S. Customs.
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    RSOV/Gunner/any other retailer queries...

    There seems to be more questions than answers on here but I'll give it a go. I ordered a DBOYS SCAR from Gunner 59 days ago. I live in the U.S., and my package shipped 3 days after I ordered it, and reached U.S. Customs a few days later. It then spent about 50 days in Customs. I finally noticed an update on the tracking two days ago, it said it cleared Customs 7 days ago from today, but I still had not received it at that point. So I e-mailed the USPS. They responded promptly stating that my package was returned to Gunner under order of the U.S. Customs office and they did not state a reason. (This in itself does not make sense. It was stated that it CLEARED Customs, but it was returned anyway? I will be heading to the local post office tomorrow for an explanation) I am extremely outraged, especially because there are plenty of other people in the U.S. who have ordered and successfully received guns from Gunner. I will now seek a refund, but Gunner does not answer e-mail. I heard that the guy who runs Gunner is a member on this forum and responds on here. Does anybody know what his username on here is??

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