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  1. The TM highcap is reputed to be good, but it is expensive for a magazine(30$). As you said before the CYMA highcap is no good. Your only real options are the expensive TM highcap or the regular CYMA magazines (30 rounds).
  2. Ok thanks renagade. I was only planning on using 134a/duster gas in order to prolong to the life. Would you except me to encounter the same problems mentioned before within a few thousand rounds on 134a?
  3. Hey guys, I've been looking at GBB's again after selling my faulty KSC G17. I'm deciding between the TM G18c or the 5-7. Other then the KSC glock just mentioned, I've had no previous experience with GBB's, but I've wanted to enter the GBB scene for quite a while, so I was wondering which one was higher in terms of stock quality. I sifted through this whole thread as well as the 18c one. It seems that are some problems, such as the seals on the magazine, and the spacing between the inner slide and the frame. Are these problems because of upgrades made, or were they problems from the stock gun?
  4. Not too much Magpul on here, but it's good enough for me!
  5. What type of paint did you use? Any specific method? That has to be one of the best paint job's I've seen, so I'm curious as to how you pulled it off
  6. Great review. The original problems put me on the fence, they are updating the original design so I think I will just have to get one now Just two questions. Any idea how much it weighs with the battery and mag? I run my loadout as light as possible. And a grouping test would be awesome too, but it has already proved it's accuracy it seems as you've said in your review.
  7. I'm really behind in my airsoft news, but all chinese factories were temporary closed due to the Chinese New Year a few months back. I believe most of the factories are back-up and running including CYMA, and I don't think they have discontinued this little guy.
  8. I guess we'll see, but I'll take your word over theirs. Oh, and any words on price yet? Or at least if the standard version (without all the extra parts, anyways) is under 400$?
  9. Got a new AFG for my SCAR, how do you guys think it looks? I love it! Plus, it's insanely comfortable.
  10. ASGI should have this in stock sometime around next week. I hope they keep it long enough so I can get my hands on one
  11. Let me know if they fit, I wanted to buy a few for mine but G&G SCAR owners are scarce!
  12. Took it out for a test run yesterday. It chronographs at 298 FPS +/- 2 FPS. A little disappointed in that, as I expected it to be a bit higher, but its nothing a M120 spring can't fix. The trigger response with an 8.4V mini is laughably bad, so I stuck a 9.6V large in and now the response is much better. Shots with .25G G&G BB's are almost a guaranteed human sized target hit at 120 feet. Only other thing I can really think of is the gearbox sounds whiny like an ARMY L85. For 229$, it's a pretty fair deal from G&G considering the TM is almost double that price for US buyers. If I w
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