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  1. Ace 1 Arms Glock 17 outer barrel to Glock 19 mod, FAIL :

    1. Krydel


      They look like pretty regular hands to me, albeit not all super-macho-man-calloused. I would imagine examining your hands won't be on top of everyone's list watching a video like that :P

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  2. Can anybody remember whether the 'you can only order RIFs to your UKARA registered address if that is what you are using as a defence' thing is retailer specific or just a general thing?

  3. anyone know where that letter from the home secretary saying they'd help us out with a defense against the VCRA is?

    1. Krydel


      He was just trying to show me what went down before I even joined airsoft because i'm interested in the legal side of it :D

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