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  1. I looked at the official Glock website where they list the weight of the gun in different configurations; Without magazine: 625 g | 22.05 oz With empty magazine: 705 g | 24.87 oz With loaded magazine: 915 g | 32.28 oz Deduced empty magazine weight: 210 g (915-705 ? EDIT: No, you idiot!) EDIT: Well I suck at thinking and doing math, brain is tired. The correct answer is 80g (gun without magazine (625 g) vs gun with empty magazine (705 g)). Source: https://us.glock.com/en/pistols/g17
  2. FYI pre-order price listed at AirSoft Taiwan is $400 USD. https://ast-gun.airsofttaiwan.com/index.php?route=product/product&category_id=58&manufacturer_id=1316&sort=p.date_added&order=DESC&fbclid=IwAR1BKJ5tWLjvrLrwkbUyAP6bl2UBDa8PSDm-tjy2fNavpzt8vVZGmSqJNWs&product_id=3523
  3. Saw several posts on Facebook today promoting this and stating that it is slated for release in September. For me personally I will be interested if they do a Glock 19 Gen4, Gen5 or Gen5 MOS. https://www.facebook.com/jkarmyshop/posts/10159642534504166
  4. FYI I bought the TMC 6x6 side plate bags and their SAPI and side plate kit and I can confirm that the TMC dummy side plates are a little bit too large for the bags. But I managed to force them in there and after working the foam around a bit in the side plate bags it turned out OK.
  5. No idea. I took what I could get (in AOR1) and after some research the TMC 2019 version seemed to be the best option
  6. Awesome write up as always! I myself got the TMC AVS 2019 version because I wanted the AOR1 camo for a Seal style kit build. I really like it
  7. Depressing new life I must say 😐
  8. Cool. They look like Mechanix gloves on steroids https://www.outdoorresearch.com/us/ironsight-sensor-gloves-266842
  9. He is right. Bottom one. Top hole is possibly a grub screw for the orange tip?
  10. I have a VFC one on mine to confirm the above
  11. I just got a pair of MAGPUL Technical Glove 2.0 and I really like them a lot. Really nice fit, material feels great and the palm conforms nicely even when closing my hand. Not like, it's glued on, but more so than other gloves I have. Which is a big plus, so you don't get that weird bulge in your palm when gripping stuff. Only just tried them on for 5-10 minutes and manipulated my APS 870 SAI shotgun (because the stippling hurts my sensetive hands 😛 ) and they felt great. Good price. I have the Mechanix gloves also (standard model, forget the name), and the MAGPUL gloves felt way better IMO.
  12. I think they use the same OEM but not 100% sure.
  13. EG Tactical / Evolution Gear make a replica for $280 USD. I have bought their EOTech sights and G33 magnifiers and they are nice enough in build, fit, finish and attention to detail. I have made 3 or 4 orders directly with them and they are really good actually https://www.egtactical.com/home/274-418-speed-scope.html#/38-color-dark_brown
  14. Kind of difficult to get a good reading since it has a faint fake rifling path inside the muzzle and it is also beveled and flared at the end. It does not have any inside threading for adapters/suppressors like most other WE pistols. But inside with the fake rifling I got 10.4mm - 10.7mm and at the very end of the muzzle it's 10.85mm - 11.25mm 😛
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