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  1. NonEx

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    If that's the only reason you need to hijack/derail a thread then a thread based forum is pretty pointless, don't ya think? "Ooh, look at this thread about product X. I am not interested in that so I will just write about product Y that doesn't exist but I want, and write about that instead in this thread". Yeh, nah.
  2. NonEx

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Wait, what thread is this again?
  3. Good news for all URGI MK16 enthusiasts! Saw a nice post a few days ago that ZParts have released some MK16 M4 build specific outer barrels for a couple of systems. For me personally the WE outer barrels are very welcome as there are hardly any after market outer barrels for the WE M4 GBBR platform. The new barrels they have released are the Daniel Defense URGI MK16 specific outer barrels in 10.3" (for MK16 9.3" rail build) and 14.5" (for MK16 13.5" rail build). Pricing is around $94 USD for 10.3" and $100 USD for the 13.5". These come with full markings that look correct at first glance. I personally want to get these as they are a nice edition to my current dual upper MK16 URGI inspired build, BUT, I do have stock WE barrels currently that are 10.5" and 14.5" in steel and aluminum respectively that are close to correct and the only advantage with these would be correct length (10.3" vs 10.5") steel material and correct markings, which don't even show when installed under the rail so. Hrmmm... Not sure what to do. Decently priced but still a lot of money for a steel tube that does not do much compared to my current setup. As of now only Airsoft Taiwan seem to have them in stock. Facebook post Facebook screenshot ZParts website http://www.zpartstech.com/ Airsoft Taiwan (NOTE! The product description for some of these are incorrect. The WE version ones are labeled as VFC. Look at the pictures for fitment style and detailed product descsription!) https://ast-gun.airsofttaiwan.com/index.php?route=product/category&category_id=81&manufacturer_id=534
  4. NonEx

    WE G series MOS full house

    @fnc Yes please. Update!
  5. NonEx

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Well holy schmackers man, that is a sexy M4 build! 😀 👍
  6. NonEx

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    I think you mean project Borat? (sorry, popped into my head and I had to do it 😛 )
  7. NonEx

    PEQ or DBAL?

    Not really that it worked "for me", more that it was explained that the button sizes, layout and feel on the PEQ is more suitable for glove use for example and easier to "feel" in the dark but I guess that's just a training thing. The DBAL has the mode selector on the rear, which depending on your rail accessory configuration can be more difficult to operate than the PEQ one which has the switch on top,. Mine came with a momentary on pressure pad for a single pre-selected mode.
  8. NonEx

    PEQ or DBAL?

    I just got PEQ boxes for my dual upper MK16-ish build and after looking around at the options, price, looks, features etc. I went with the Element EX419 model over the FMA. The other manufacturers I found were too pricey for me considering mine will be mostly for looks. This is the green laser version I got but they have red on other models. Think I found one or two videos on YouTube comparing the Element vs. FMA and the verdict seemed to be that the Element one won overall. Oh and I watched some comparison video on PEQ vs DBAL as well and I concluded from that, that the features and performance on them are comparable but that the control layouts and tactile operations of the buttons and switches were more intuitive on the PEQ ones. I went with the PEQ over DBAL mostly because of looks and "size". I think the PEQ fits more nicely on a rifle rail than the more sharp and boxy DBAL but that's just a preference I guess. As I don't play airsoft I can't really say anything about in game use but the light is alright, laser is OK (one of my two units, forget if it was BK or DE) seems to have a smudge on the inside of the laser lens which distorted it a bit. But the clean one has a nice point. Confirmed IR light as well by looking at it through my mobile phone camera but I don't have any NV gear so not sure how well it works in "real life". Considering my level of OCD, if these Element boxes got my approval that should at least say something 😛 These are the ones I got. Around $50 USD each. Element PEQ LA5 UHP Advanced Target Pointer Green Laser Illuminator Aiming Light ( PEQ15 LA-5 UHP ) ( DE ) ( EX419-DE ) Element PEQ LA5 UHP Advanced Target Pointer Green Laser Illuminator Aiming Light ( PEQ15 LA-5 UHP ) ( BK ) ( EX419-BK )
  9. NonEx

    Cybergun Airsoft Catalog (2004) Scans

    What is the purpose of these posts?
  10. NonEx

    Action Army Ruger MK IV GBB pistol

    They're already showing off different configurations on their Facebook page with is in line with my hopes/predictions
  11. NonEx

    wot am best SUSAT?

    ^^ Awesome airsoft buddy right here people!
  12. They could sell internationally if they put in the effort and money to get an iTAR export license from the DDTC or partnered up with international distributors that have export licenses for their products. Maybe that is what they are in the process is doing.
  13. NonEx

    wot am best SUSAT?

    OKi, I will leave this thread alone now then. Sorry

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