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  1. He is right. Bottom one. Top hole is possibly a grub screw for the orange tip?
  2. I just got a pair of MAGPUL Technical Glove 2.0 and I really like them a lot. Really nice fit, material feels great and the palm conforms nicely even when closing my hand. Not like, it's glued on, but more so than other gloves I have. Which is a big plus, so you don't get that weird bulge in your palm when gripping stuff. Only just tried them on for 5-10 minutes and manipulated my APS 870 SAI shotgun (because the stippling hurts my sensetive hands 😛 ) and they felt great. Good price. I have the Mechanix gloves also (standard model, forget the name), and the MAGPUL gloves felt way better IMO.
  3. Brownells Sweden have them listed but they are not available for order. I would suggest you contact their customer service and ask if they can get them for you. They're great to deal. https://www.brownells.se/GRIP-PLATE-RIGHT-NEW-STYLE-BLUE-TWO-TONE-SIG-SAUER-P229-P228-732000087 https://www.brownells.se/GRIP-PLATE-LEFT-NEW-STYLE-BLUE-TWO-TONE-SIG-SAUER-P228-732000077
  4. 99,99% sure that there are only the minor exterior differences between the WE P228 and P229 models so it should be a drop-in-fit. As for grips, yes you can make real grips work on the WE Sig series (I have done it on P228 and P226 models). Don't remember exactly and don't have a guide for it but some material needed to be sanded away on the inside of the grips and around the hammer spring housing. This video has my Run In Workshop custom marking WE P228 with RS grips installed:
  5. I think they use the same OEM but not 100% sure.
  6. EG Tactical / Evolution Gear make a replica for $280 USD. I have bought their EOTech sights and G33 magnifiers and they are nice enough in build, fit, finish and attention to detail. I have made 3 or 4 orders directly with them and they are really good actually https://www.egtactical.com/home/274-418-speed-scope.html#/38-color-dark_brown
  7. Kind of difficult to get a good reading since it has a faint fake rifling path inside the muzzle and it is also beveled and flared at the end. It does not have any inside threading for adapters/suppressors like most other WE pistols. But inside with the fake rifling I got 10.4mm - 10.7mm and at the very end of the muzzle it's 10.85mm - 11.25mm 😛
  8. Oooh, high precision technical drawings, me like
  9. This is a bit of a random FYI post. Someone on my YouTube channel asked me about the dimensions of gas magazine valve keys and I took the time to do an MS Paint illustration and figured I might as well share it here as well.
  10. For installation of safety the hammer should be cocked, right side ambi safety in first (if applicable), left-hand side safety lever inserted almost at the full most upward position. Grip safety slightly depressed. Wiggle in place during installation.
  11. I got confirmation from KY that you only need to replace the gas route rubber with the above item to make normal Glock magazines work in the MOS series.
  12. From what I have been told only the gas route rubber is different. KY Airsoft sell them separately. https://www.kyairsoft.com/magazine-bbs/armorer-works-magazine/vx-series/aw-custom-vx7-vx9-rmr-slide-gase-magazine-rubber-gas-route.html Install that on any WE Glock compatible mag and it should be good to go in a WE Glock MOS pistol. I do wonder though if the feed lip part is different as well but I don't think so. Let me see if I can double check with KY on that.
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