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  1. Great, I actually live by the Alum Rock one, thanks a bunch
  2. No, not that piece, the tiny piece that goes sort of inside the bolt carrier and clips onto the back of the bolt. EDIT: Yeah that piece, oh sweet Osh carries them in that size?
  3. ######, the tiny piece that holds the bolt and bolt carrier together just flew off and I have no idea where it went. Is there any chance I can get a replacement for it?
  4. I just got my Element NPAS today, does anyone have any instruction on how to install it?\ Mostly what do I do with the tiny O ring and the smaller spring that comes with it? EDIT: I think I figured it out, let's hope lol.
  5. The first part that broke on mine was the bolt stop after 1000 shots or so. I then sheared the back off the bolt and nozzle a couple thousand rounds later. But IIRC, it my rifle jammed which was to blame for that. So far I have replaced the bolt stop base + bolt stop, bolt, and bolt carrier. IIRC, I replaced the hop up nub with some wiring and it's working good for now. I'll just wait until it breaks before I replace it. The hammer and seer have some wear on it and I'll probably replace that next. The main thing I think is finding quality magazines.
  6. So I am finally getting around to fixing up my AGM M4, where's the best place to get those parts? I want my parts fairly quickly so I don't want EBB.
  7. Oh ok. Was hoping there were some shorty mags I could buy for my M1 Garand project so i didnt have to remake all my magazines. Oh well
  8. Do you mean GHK? Yes they work in my AGM M4, and are significantly lighter.
  9. Where can I find those shorty m14 magazines?
  10. Well, I know it's old news really but I just sheered off the rear of my bolt after about 1500 rounds on propane/green gas. The broken piece actually dislodged in a way that the bolt carrier got stuck. I had to remove the stock tube first to try to move the bolt back because it was stuck in a way that prevented me from opening up the receiver. Obviously I need to replace the bolt now and I was wondering how many people had replacement plastic bolts and how they are holding up. Actually, even if you have the aluminum bolt I was wondering how they were holding up as well.
  11. FWIW, I don't have the problem with BBs rolling down the barrel. My hop up rubber has that masking tape around it as well.
  12. Check all the orings in your valve.
  13. Happen to know what its like with 3rd party magazines?
  14. The bolt stop may not dislodge enough to stop the bolt, but I have no problem seeing it dislodge enough that the bolt stop is going to have to push it out of the way. Before I fixed my bolt catch, I noticed wear on my catch that looked like the bolt had slammed into the edge of the catch. Since I fixed the bolt catch, I have not noticed any additional wear on it. Perhaps it is just coincidence, and I plan to replace it with a steel catch anyways. Either way, I do not feel comfortable having something loose like that inside my rifle to mess things up inside. That said, say someone does not
  15. Then your left with a bolt catch that can come loose during firing and partially block the bolt. IIRC, on a more realistic design there would be constant spring pressure against the bolt catch itself to keep it open instead of this weird pin & lock method. The spring on my WA magazine is significantly stronger and it engages the bolt catch just fine. The AGM magazine spring is just plain weak.
  16. I am just a little confused on the bolt catch bit. The way it is designed, you do not want it to move freely. There is a lock to keep it disengaged that has a audible click to it when you engage it. Anyways nice guide, wish I thought of just using BBs, though it doesn't matter because my main valve keeps leaking. I know it's been asked already, but where would I go about getting a replacement valve? Gonna try some things to see if I can keep the o-ring for getting dislodged, but I fear it might be a losing battle.
  17. Your #1 is most likely due to the magazine. The spring is not strong enough to push against the bolt stop to engage it. I just dumped most of my spending money on magazines, does anyone know what the FPS is on the stock bolt with propane and duster? At the site I play the limit is 400fps with .25 BBs, need to decide if I should get some duster gas in the short term before I get the NPAS kit. Guess I should also add that it's going to be used in around 80 degrees F.
  18. That small O-ring your talking about is the exact o-ring that keeps getting dislodged on my magazine. It is bone dry atm though, I need to get more silicone oil. But atm I can't even get through one mag before that o-ring comes loose.
  19. I'd say the trigger guard near the grip looks busted. Is it even attached? So the tiny O-ring in my AGM magazine valve keeps coming loose. Very frustrating. And I noticed that my WA magazines are a bit more difficult to insert when filled with propane.
  20. So, I opened my magazine all the way up. The tiny O-ring in main valve had dislodged slightly out of place. I reseated it and now my AGM magazine works fine again. Mine does not have any tape anywhere in it and it does not leak on propane. Not sure what really makes these "1st Gen" and "2nd Gen" magazines people are talking about. Since my AGM magazine still doesn't lock the bolt, I am getting the spring from one of my aeg midcaps and fitting it into my AGM magazine. Hopefully it will give enough force on the bolt catch to engage it.
  21. Since Evike was out of stock on the GHK magazines, I ended up going to the local AEX and buying a Western Arms magazine. First thing is that my bolt catch finally works!! I noticed that spring in the WA mag is significantly stronger than my AGM so it can actually push up with enough force to engage my bolt catch. Secondly, for whatever reason. My WA mag takes quite a bit of effort to insert into the magwell. I do not have calipers to get an accurate reading, but by eyeballing it they look to have similar enough dimensions. However, my AGM does have significant paint scratches where t
  22. Well, if you still have that offer come next paycheck, I may go for it
  23. Just checked rsov, and I get $72 shipping for 3 magazines...... In other news, I can say that AGM magazine o-rings look fine, so it looks like it is my valve that is leaking gas, but I don't have a proper tool to remove it
  24. *bramston pickle*! Well, looks like I spoke to soon. Just a few minutes ago think my O-rings blew out. I am terrible with part names, but now when I fill it up gas will leak from the nozzle (?) fairly rapidly. Well, hopefully Evike restocks on my GHK mags soon lol.
  25. Like I said, my AGM has yet to leak with Propane, and I bought the non-ras 061 version. I ordered a GHK from Evike but it seems they are backordered :/
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