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  1. Hey, I got the pouch today. Thanks again!

  2. Badly Browned

    M14 Picture Thread

    If you are going to be replacing everything inside anyways, I suggest going with a clone m14 to save a little cash.
  3. Badly Browned

    M14 Picture Thread

    Needs a fatty scope.
  4. Badly Browned

    M14 Picture Thread

    I personally like hard plastic style cheek rests. All I had to do was drill a couple holes in the stock. Just make sure the mounts won't interfere with the battery compartment. I got mine from here: http://www.desertwarriorproducts.com/M1A-M14CheekRest.html
  5. EXCELLENT seller...would GLADLY do business with again!!!

  6. Badly Browned

    M14 Picture Thread

    AFAIK, the M21 is basically a regular M14 sporting Match Grade barrels among other things to "accurize" (that a word? lol) it for sniping duties.

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