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  1. Either get one of the shops who deal with rs to order one in , or get in touch directly with rs
  2. Or refuse to take it back as a third party has messed with it by disassembling it to inspect what's wrong
  3. Real sword already have a support weopon version of the type 97 and a sniper . I just wish they would get their finger out and release them for sale !!
  4. Order a replacement from rs. Their parts are really cheap and easily available .
  5. I use an aim point on mine which gives you the option of using kill flash or a fish eye magnifier . Have also got a big scope for it ,have tried many configurations of scopes / sights but I always find the aim point to be the best ..
  6. This release has issues , the mp7 had nozzle issues , . Something is going on at the qc end with tm as of late . Not knocking the whole range just the recent stuff that seems to have more issues than is normal for tm .
  7. Ime not that type of guy mate . Maybe you need a different forum for that
  8. Tm gas shotguns are the bestest guns in the world !! At breaking nozzles and jamming . Maybe they should have put a picture of bob Marley on them !!!
  9. After reading about a large amount of failures on the tm shotguns . I beg the question ?? Is tm quality control down the toilet nowadays or is it owner abuse . ( not sticking with reccomended gasses that is causing this high amount of failures , issues !!
  10. That is a very nice looking gun . Just curious , how much battery space and where. ?
  11. Madness ! Whatever happened to out of the box skirmishable ?
  12. Mine is working tonight. , no joy last night though
  13. Have not been able to post for a couple of weeks now , or access site. . On my I phone I just gave up .seems to be back on track now as I can post again.
  14. I want one ... Hopefully it will be compatable with the realsword gun??
  15. Once you get used to a particular standard from your kit it gets expensive . , I have learned this from every hobby I have participated in Nowadays I try to buy guns that I know I can get some return on should I decide to up sticks and sell up .
  16. After reading all these posts I would love to know how much it costs to get what is supposed to be a cheap training weopon base up to an acceptable standard .
  17. Couple of friends of mine went to visit real sword hq last year and out to dinner with the boss . Norinco factory is a stones throw from rs headquarters / factory . Same materials are used as the real steel guns I have a deact type 56 /1 and the rs version They are 99 % identical par the handgrip. Rs used the later markings for the export models on their versions The earlier real steel. 56 / 1 has Chinese markings . The wood is the same , receiver ,barrel the same Only a very minor difference on the grip and stock catch . Par that. , identical .
  18. So this is a cheap training weopon !!!
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