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  1. harborne blue

    Umarex dual CO2 Shell Ejecting Lever Action Rifle

    No - no hop. You could add one with a drill, rubber and a little allen bolt - it's been done by some on shell loaded revolvers.
  2. harborne blue

    Airsoft sightings in Movies and TV shows thread 2

    All the prop guns in that awful Alien Vs Predator movie were airsoft replicas, supplied by Wolf.
  3. harborne blue

    King Arms Colt Single Action

    Cartridge loaded, working ejector rod, civilian, artillery and (faints) cavalry length. Case hardened finish. What's not to love. Can they make a Springfield or Spencer carbine as well? I'll possibly jump for joy...
  4. harborne blue

    King Arms Colt Single Action

  5. harborne blue

    King Arms Colt Single Action

    OMG. I would pre-order this in the cavalry length NOW.
  6. harborne blue

    Viva Arms MOA Show - Gas SKS, Springer No4 Mk1 and No1 Mk3

    The Enfield isn't the RW one - they've got the front end right and the stock is the correct shape. The SMLE looks interesting - hasn't been a decent airsoft version of that - unless you count the handbuilt, custom versions.
  7. harborne blue

    WE Hi Power MkIII

    ... and 10 mins later they announce a double Browning HP...
  8. harborne blue

    The C02 GBB Sten is (almost) here...

    Also the pic that AG are using looks like the AGM Sten - it's got the AEG MP40 mag in it.
  9. harborne blue

    The C02 GBB Sten is (almost) here...

    It looks great and I desperately want one (para spec please) but having been burnt before, I'll hang on until there's a review up: https://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=552_553&products_id=27607 Still $335 seems like a bargain for a gun that looks like it out the R in RIF!
  10. harborne blue

    looking for some advice after a long hiatus

    Don't touch the G&P WOC with a bargepole - worst piece of *suitcase* I've ever owned... Wouldn't fire one BB from any of the five mags I bought with it and when I spoke to other owners, the solution was to basically bodge a high end replica with tape. For the same reason, I never use RedWolf - messed me about for months and I had to get my card company to recover my money after they'd had the gun back for 2m. Terrible gun, terrible seller. So... go for GHK or Marui if you've got the wedge or WE if you want some variety plus a stack of steel replacement inner bits.
  11. harborne blue

    WE/Armorer Works Drum Mag

    Given the build quality on the WE pistols I've handled, this is going to blow them to pieces. f they're G18 gets through one drum mag, I'd be surprised. However, it may also mean that there's a few key parts going to need to make in steel in the future... ?
  12. harborne blue

    NorthEast Airsoft GBB Sten

    There's a MkV version, Mk1 and Mk1, pistol grip and silencer options. It's made from steel and fires from an open model.... i think I just soiled myself...
  13. harborne blue

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    WHERE can I get those helms and armour? Very cool!
  14. harborne blue

    Revolver Picture Thread

    What are you selling and when Wolf? There's a lot of players / collectors here who'd crawl over glass to get hold of one of your collection!
  15. harborne blue

    SMG Picture Thread

    Luckily the S&T Sterling has the easiest QC spring set up I've seen - 2mins and your under 350. Or well over Mine came with a spring that looked like it doubled as truck suspension... !

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