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  1. harborne blue

    WE M1 Carbine

    Bolt - pot metal and we had a couple crack back in the day.
  2. harborne blue

    WE M1 Carbine

    Please someone tell them to remove the flipping bayonet lugs. They didn't exist until well after WWII. BTW this looks exactly the same as the ASG which was a copy of the Marushin. Both were very fragile in my experience - unless you could track down some (rare as hens teeth) steel parts. Mine was fitted into a gorgeous 1943 Springfield marked genuine wood stock but was only really usable in milsim WWII games.
  3. harborne blue

    Snow Wolf Kar98

    I think it's a copy of the S&T - looking at SWIT, the price difference isnt huge and they charge the same for S&T or SN with the TNT upgrades added, https://www.switairsoft.com/rifle
  4. harborne blue

    Umarex dual CO2 Shell Ejecting Lever Action Rifle

    No - no hop. You could add one with a drill, rubber and a little allen bolt - it's been done by some on shell loaded revolvers.
  5. harborne blue

    Airsoft sightings in Movies and TV shows thread 2

    All the prop guns in that awful Alien Vs Predator movie were airsoft replicas, supplied by Wolf.
  6. harborne blue

    King Arms Colt Single Action

    Cartridge loaded, working ejector rod, civilian, artillery and (faints) cavalry length. Case hardened finish. What's not to love. Can they make a Springfield or Spencer carbine as well? I'll possibly jump for joy...
  7. harborne blue

    King Arms Colt Single Action

  8. harborne blue

    King Arms Colt Single Action

    OMG. I would pre-order this in the cavalry length NOW.
  9. harborne blue

    Viva Arms MOA Show - Gas SKS, Springer No4 Mk1 and No1 Mk3

    The Enfield isn't the RW one - they've got the front end right and the stock is the correct shape. The SMLE looks interesting - hasn't been a decent airsoft version of that - unless you count the handbuilt, custom versions.
  10. harborne blue

    WE Hi Power MkIII

    ... and 10 mins later they announce a double Browning HP...
  11. harborne blue

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    WHERE can I get those helms and armour? Very cool!
  12. harborne blue

    SMG Picture Thread

    Luckily the S&T Sterling has the easiest QC spring set up I've seen - 2mins and your under 350. Or well over Mine came with a spring that looked like it doubled as truck suspension... !
  13. harborne blue

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    Have a word with JD Airsoft - last time I was in there, Phil (owner) said that all the WE GBB rifles now come with a red valve / BBU that keeps FPS below 350. Apparently WE had a lot of issues with buyers wanting downgrades / stuffing things ups with DIY 'fixes'.
  14. harborne blue

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    Darn it! Just when I'm dropping all my modern (dull=rails) kit, WE do this... Will wait for for the Euro version (lower FPS valve as std these days, chaps) and them possibly get the 90s black kit out of the loft.
  15. harborne blue


    Not firing ATM

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