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  1. I bought this on the recommendation of a team mate and I'm very impressed. Solid build, holds zero and looks the part https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B016KSA56E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Phil has the best M4s. They also run perfectly - I have the welts to prove it.
  3. The King Arms M1928 is proper - right dimensions and engraving etc. I love mine. http://www.kingarms.com/product_detail.php?id=260 Oh and I joined about ten years ago but don't skirmish ATM.
  4. All the prop guns in that awful Alien Vs Predator movie were airsoft replicas, supplied by Wolf.
  5. WHERE can I get those helms and armour? Very cool!
  6. What are you selling and when Wolf? There's a lot of players / collectors here who'd crawl over glass to get hold of one of your collection!
  7. Luckily the S&T Sterling has the easiest QC spring set up I've seen - 2mins and your under 350. Or well over Mine came with a spring that looked like it doubled as truck suspension... !
  8. Does anyone know where I can pick up a proper, TM'd pistol case for a PPQ / P99 from?
  9. Have a word with JD Airsoft - last time I was in there, Phil (owner) said that all the WE GBB rifles now come with a red valve / BBU that keeps FPS below 350. Apparently WE had a lot of issues with buyers wanting downgrades / stuffing things ups with DIY 'fixes'.
  10. Darn it! Just when I'm dropping all my modern (dull=rails) kit, WE do this... Will wait for for the Euro version (lower FPS valve as std these days, chaps) and them possibly get the 90s black kit out of the loft.
  11. harborne blue


    Not firing ATM
  12. I've checked all their shipping policies and cannot see anything that says they won't ship to the UK. In fact, during the order process they state that shipping to the UK needs UKARA. I can get the gun elsewhere but (a) it's 30% more and ( they don't have the mags so I'll still end up paying fat postage from the US whatever. Emailed Evike but <fruit> all back from them so far.
  13. Just had an order bounced and refunded by Evike because it's "against UK customs rules" or something. It's just an AEG and I've shipped stuff in from the US before... What the <fruit> is going on? Gave them my UKARA and as they offer a 2tone service they must ship guns to the UK. They refunded the PP account but I still want the gun. Should I take this personally or does anyone from Evike use this forum?
  14. Anyone used these guys and if so: Do I need to have the parcel with my UKARA writ large upon it to clear UK customs? As they're in the EU will I get stung with any import charges? How quick is their Free Shipping? Cheers!
  15. Blackhawk Serpa holsters fit my 1911s - all either TM or TM clones. The ACM copies of the serpa's also work but can be a little tight at first and they're dirt cheap. Other than that, all mine fit into WW2 US and UK holsters.
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