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  1. KoffeeKing

    WE XDM

    Thinking about it, that's the TM one. Forget what I said.
  2. KoffeeKing

    WE XDM

    I think there was a lemon batch of this model. The loading nozzle broke. One I heard of was out the box like it and one was double fed by a fool. Up side is the easiest replacement is a hand made airsoft surgon one an man is it sweet with that upgrade.
  3. Hello, Just a quick note to say if you are buying in the UK you wont get better, friendlier service than Red1Airsoft in St.Albans. There are a lot of shops that dont give you the time of day, especially if you have issues with somethig. Red1 is the opposite and have gone way and above a few times for me now. If your after something and its attainable Jay will hunt it down. Dont take my word for it though, check out his website and facebook page and have a look for your self.
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