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  1. Gday Arnie As a long time classifieds user I'm with jim, some kind of feedback system would be good to have back. Cheers Toby
  2. Morning Guys, Is it possible to fit a G17 slide set, I only use semi and it would get around some of this issues with the KCS selector. If not no worries TC
  3. Looking to add black MBUS and Pmag (and tidy the wiring up)
  4. Since they got rid of Reps, I'll leave a comment here. Great seller, would recommend to anyone looking for a gearbox!

  5. I am running the motor that came with it Xoulz, I am waiting for my midcaps to arrive before I test the ROF again as the hicaps stuggle to keep up.
  6. In fairness this could have given a steady FPS reading if it only had a 5 shot chrono test in the factory, as it would do 5 shots at say 110m/s then a low one and so on. I only opened it up as I am comfortable with GB's and Zshot had offered to look at it for me (but I wasnt going to send it to the US for a regrease!) Cheers TC
  7. I received and installed a Systema hop in this and the velocity came up to the 110m/s mark but with some wildly low shots. Upon some good advice from Zshot I relubed the piston and cylinder head and the velocity stabilised dramatically. I used trial and error to find the best hop rubber match and now have the setup running very smoothly. I will be switching to midcaps to avoid feed issues that arise from the weaker hicap feed springs. Thanks to Wallace at Zshot for the ongoing support. Cheers TC
  8. Rightio, tested this with the only hop units I have to hand: Element seal unit: 330fps G&P metal one peice: 355fps So as expected it was donw to the compatability with the VFC hop unit.
  9. I am using the M4 Rev 110 with ported cylinder RSM, no hop. Just tried it using a different hop unit and it chrono'd at 330 fps. I'll dig out the different hop units I have and will find the best match. TC
  10. Its the VFC HK416 standard one mate. I'll try this out in some of my other AEG's over the coming days and let you know how its goes: CA M15A2 Custom CAR15
  11. I always chrono with .20's mate . I put around 200 rounds through it today whilst testing and the FPS remains at 310.
  12. Rightio, the Revolution M110 GB turned up and I installed this into my VFC HK416 this morning. Initial impressions (using a 4300ma 8.4V battery NIMH), very snappy (responsive) and smooth. The trigger has a very short pull (so short I thought it was stuck at first) and the response is much better than my standard ver 2 GB fitted with extreeme fire AB Mosfet. (I havent got a PTW to compare to atm) Installation Easy to install but you need to change the cam that engages the selector plate with the Systema one included (this was a tight fit). Performance FPS is a steady
  13. Yes mine was very very tight. I wrapped the barrel in cloth then put it in my vice to remover the flash hider. Hope that helps
  14. Just a quick one Lupus, I have the ACM CTR stock on mine and it fits perfectly Just looking at the curved trigger guard and the storm pistol grip now, I'll try the WA ones and let you know how I get on. Cheers TC
  15. Morning all, To fix the hop issue I just removed the ball bearing that acts as the nub. So far it works well with .2s. If it changes I can always put the ball bearing back in Havent tackled the disconnector issue yet, will take a look at mine later this week. Cheers TC
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