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  1. Done insulting the OP? He's perfectly entitled to express his opinion and as the only one of us with a Tavor, the most qualified to give his opinion. He may not have expressed it in the best way but we're not idiots and I'm not going to accept the OP's as law anyway. But until someone else posts a review it's the only one we've got.
  2. No matter how badly he may or may not have disassembled the thing it's a simple fact that the build quality is rubbish. Also do you work for TSI or something?
  3. Since they got rid of Reps, I'll leave a comment here. Great seller, would recommend to anyone looking for a gearbox!

  4. I thought recruitment was on the rise cos of higher unemployment...
  5. Gotta say +1 for the Gaza thread. Hurray for the voice of reason

  6. That looked so awesome I had to buy one; lost my old red one anyway Impulse buys ftw
  7. Appeared on RSOV for £42! Certainly worth that
  8. Another awesome review FarEast! I'm not obsessed with trades, but for some reason this AEG just looks so dull and boring. It's just a big grey gun shaped blob. Maybe with some good optics or a paint job it'll liven it up a bit.
  9. Pilko


    Pics from skirmishing at Finmere Airsoft.
  10. I think 47 pages of posts have comprehensively explained the advantages and disadvantages of the R85. By the way, the picture?????
  11. You can get them in the UK, my mate got me one from an arms fair in Bletchley
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