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  1. I bet if you didn't use a paperweight you'd be prosecuted for littering. Good thinking there citizen!


    Precisely! And we wouldn't want that, now, would we? :lol: Me, littering...I would never.


    I have since refinished and paracord-wrapped the paperweight. What I'll do with it next, I'm not sure. I'll probably put it on a stack of papers.



  2. Ignore the conveniently placed paperweight that just so happened to sneak into the picture.





    Conveniently placed because there just so happened to be a Midway catalog there that needed to be held down, as it was a bit windy.







    (Lol California laws, you so crazy.)






    What did you use to wrap the pistol grip and magwell?


    Looks good guys!



  4. I need a gas block as well...more specifically, an A-frame w/gas tube and the pins...I don't think I have any pins.


    As it is right now, it looks wonky without the proper A-frame. Yes, that is a MRE.




    Also need an Aimpoint in a cantilever mount...and other random stuff.



  5. No offence to the other SR-47 owners out there, but Corps, your '47 is the only '47 that I've ever really liked.


    The URX looks just so much better than the standard FF RAS. Between the two, I prefer the Magpul'd SR-47. The URX would be considered an update/upgrade to the platform, as would the Magpul gear, so I think the combo fits and works very well together.



  6. No wonder I couldn't find them.


    I wasn't too far off, though, considering that the mount itself is similar to the DD offset, which is ~$45.00. The T-1 doesn't mount directly to the DD offset, though, rather to the rail on the mount...if that makes sense. So the price is reasonable.



  7. I agree the M93 was a great stock, but.... I am not sure I get the point of it. I guess they sold the design to EGRO.


    First time I read that, I thought sure you said LEGO. I thought, well, that's not right, they're going to be made by ERGO. I read your post again and felt silly.


    Wouldn't be surprised if LEGO picked it up, though. :P



  8. New rant, a short one...


    People who feel they have to 'sign' each and every post at the bottom of their input. We know what your name is...its on the left of your post. It smacks of arrogance.


    Trust me, you're not THAT important.


    There are exceptions to this, though...rite?





  9. About the LWRCi rifles, here is a cropped reference pic...and by reference pic, I mean Mods, don't kill me for this one. :P




    Pictured: A3 w/Magpul and Ergo FDE. Also LaRue UDE, but that is another story. Picture taken under natural light.


    LWRCi doesn't consider their rifles to be FDE, which is why they call them MRE...Multi Region Earth.


    It looks to me, like FDE, but with a hint of green. It is not as bright as FDE, which, in my humble opinion, makes it more effective.


    And Corps mentioned the different shades of MRE that the LWRC rifles have had...here is another cropped reference picture:




    The newer REPR rifles will be a gold-ish color. Those pics are available on the LWRC forum.



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