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  1. Remembering my account information was enjoyable. Made me smile. -Vic Edit: Also, I never expected Arnie’s to be so... dead. It’s good to see people I recognize still around though. Edit 2: Airsoft Retreat is beyond dead, RIP.
  2. <3's Palmers Pursuit Shop

    1. X Lupin

      X Lupin

      You're doing classic business now? Attaboy

  3. Placed an order with eBayBanned (EBAirsoft) and...everything went better than expected. They even supplied a tracking number. Have they turned around?

  4. Precisely! And we wouldn't want that, now, would we? Me, littering...I would never. I have since refinished and paracord-wrapped the paperweight. What I'll do with it next, I'm not sure. I'll probably put it on a stack of papers. -Vic
  5. Ignore the conveniently placed paperweight that just so happened to sneak into the picture. Conveniently placed because there just so happened to be a Midway catalog there that needed to be held down, as it was a bit windy. >.> <.< -Vic (Lol California laws, you so crazy.)
  6. Happy Birthday KidScotland

    1. FireKnife


      Where did he go again? Hell was it? :P

    2. Victory


      Gone but not forgotten! ALL HAIL KIDSCOTLAND!

    3. Pureownage


      You must be forgetting that it's KidScotland's birthday everyday! ALL HAIL KIDSCOTLAND!

  7. Found a gigantic tri-rail scope in my closet that I had forgotten about. Mounted a laser to it, and now it's going on my M11. M11 purists be warned.

  8. Kudos to Al and staff @ ADCO Optics. I was able to purchase some old school cool from them at a very reasonable price.

  9. Does anyone have any experience with the Madbull tracer units?

    1. richieffff


      If its the built in one, then yes I've used one for a night game one, it works well but its a constant drain on the battery and does reduce the battery time. I've seen one rigged to a battery in a PEQ box and the gun itself run off a different battery, which worked very well.

    2. Victory


      Alrighty, thanks for the info. And yeah, I was looking at the Blackside Flare unit. It'd be perfect for a sci-fi inspired build that I'm working on.

  10. *suitcase*-quality screws that strip if you look at then wrong really ###### me off. -Vic
  11. A complete near-mint set of West German Charvoz instruments. Case is 100% in-tact with working snaps, instrument adjustments are very smooth. A rare find. -Vic
  12. New Arnies is best Arnies.

  13. Got my shemagh. Now my hipster loadout is complete.

  14. What did you use to wrap the pistol grip and magwell? Looks good guys! -Vic
  15. Not being around a computer = no MSN. I'll be on and off this week. If I see you on, I'll give you a holla'.

  16. I need a gas block as well...more specifically, an A-frame w/gas tube and the pins...I don't think I have any pins. As it is right now, it looks wonky without the proper A-frame. Yes, that is a MRE. Also need an Aimpoint in a cantilever mount...and other random stuff. -Vic
  17. Why are you slamming us Yanks? The Brits are supposed to do that!

  18. I still don--oh, there it is. -Vic
  19. I don't see anything made by Magpul in that picture. -Vic
  20. No offence to the other SR-47 owners out there, but Corps, your '47 is the only '47 that I've ever really liked. The URX looks just so much better than the standard FF RAS. Between the two, I prefer the Magpul'd SR-47. The URX would be considered an update/upgrade to the platform, as would the Magpul gear, so I think the combo fits and works very well together. -Vic
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