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  1. Remembering my account information was enjoyable. Made me smile. -Vic Edit: Also, I never expected Arnie’s to be so... dead. It’s good to see people I recognize still around though. Edit 2: Airsoft Retreat is beyond dead, RIP.
  2. <3's Palmers Pursuit Shop

    1. X Lupin

      X Lupin

      You're doing classic business now? Attaboy

  3. Placed an order with eBayBanned (EBAirsoft) and...everything went better than expected. They even supplied a tracking number. Have they turned around?

  4. Precisely! And we wouldn't want that, now, would we? Me, littering...I would never. I have since refinished and paracord-wrapped the paperweight. What I'll do with it next, I'm not sure. I'll probably put it on a stack of papers. -Vic
  5. Ignore the conveniently placed paperweight that just so happened to sneak into the picture. Conveniently placed because there just so happened to be a Midway catalog there that needed to be held down, as it was a bit windy. >.> <.< -Vic (Lol California laws, you so crazy.)
  6. Happy Birthday KidScotland

    1. FireKnife


      Where did he go again? Hell was it? :P

    2. Victory


      Gone but not forgotten! ALL HAIL KIDSCOTLAND!

    3. Pureownage


      You must be forgetting that it's KidScotland's birthday everyday! ALL HAIL KIDSCOTLAND!

  7. Found a gigantic tri-rail scope in my closet that I had forgotten about. Mounted a laser to it, and now it's going on my M11. M11 purists be warned.

  8. Kudos to Al and staff @ ADCO Optics. I was able to purchase some old school cool from them at a very reasonable price.

  9. Does anyone have any experience with the Madbull tracer units?

    1. richieffff


      If its the built in one, then yes I've used one for a night game one, it works well but its a constant drain on the battery and does reduce the battery time. I've seen one rigged to a battery in a PEQ box and the gun itself run off a different battery, which worked very well.

    2. Victory


      Alrighty, thanks for the info. And yeah, I was looking at the Blackside Flare unit. It'd be perfect for a sci-fi inspired build that I'm working on.

  10. *suitcase*-quality screws that strip if you look at then wrong really ###### me off. -Vic
  11. A complete near-mint set of West German Charvoz instruments. Case is 100% in-tact with working snaps, instrument adjustments are very smooth. A rare find. -Vic
  12. HA HA! It is a joke.

  13. New Arnies is best Arnies.

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