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  1. Found this while looking for pictures:




    According to people that have done it, they will retain their color as long as you keep your contact with the material as brief as possible to get the desired effect. Leave the soldering iron on for too long, and they will blacken.


    Ok, so, that solves that. Back to more rifle pictures! :D



  2. Yup. Titleist got some of his black KAC panels stipples recently. Originally he wanted to get his Taupe/Tan/FDE KAC panels done, but the guy told him not to bother as they'd dramatically change color to almost black or at least a charred dark brown. Same as what you're seeing on Haley's XTM panels.


    That's what I had thought, until I saw pictures like these:


    (Reference Picture)





  3. I know that talking about rail covers is a blast, but I'd like to see more photos on this page. I don't want to be a hypocrite though, so here's my contribution:




    Hey elrey...what rail covers are those?


    Here's a reference picture of Travis' rifle, which includes stippled XTMs.




    Not sure why the stippled area is blackened. Maybe he painted them for contrast? As far as I know, stippling them does not blacken them. I guess I'll find out soon enough.


    TCB, here's a guide on How-To Stipple Polymer: http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=6&...19&t=261758


    I plan on doing that here pretty soon.



  4. Blasphemy! The real operators are always color-coordinated! You can't go on an OP without your matching stock, handguards and magazine!


    Oh, you guys are so going to hate what I do with my real AR.





  5. ^ On second thought, YOU win this thread.


    The P3 M134 is one of the most expensive, most badass airsoft replicas that I know of. Especially with the realistic mounting setup you have, vs. the hand-held Predator setup. The only thing that's missing, is the P3 tracer unit. (Which is 6 TM tracers mounted inside a flash-hider assembly.)



  6. Recently I have received complaints from civilians and Law Enforcement in California that KAC does not ship to Ca. One specific bone of contention is we do not ship to Ca. from our website. The reason for this is as follows, the California Department of Justice, when it created the Assault Weapon List, included our SR-25 and SR-15 rifles; however it also included the RAS, ALL MODELS. This means that our rails are an assault weapon as per California Law, and they prohibited to possess unless previously registered by the grandfather date. Our rails remain the only rail mentioned by the Ca. DOJ, and in correspondence with us, they admit the RAS systems were added to the Assault Weapon List by accident, however they have no intention on removing it. So at this time our Company policy is to sell Rifles and Accessories only to Military units or Law Enforcement Departments in California on official purchase orders. We do have a California dealer who deals strictly with Law Enforcement, and for individual officer sales we encourage you to contact Larry Northrop of River City Gun Exchange, our California LE Dealer, and for civilians any of our other dealers for purchase and shipping on non AW items. We strongly encourage all Californians to write Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and ask him to remove the RAS from it, if not abolish the list in its entirety.


    Kevin S. Boland

    Military/Government Product Liaison

    Knight's Armament Company

    701 Columbia Blvd.

    Titusville, Fl 32780

    1(321)607-9900 ext. 1365








    (Above contact information was gathered off of a public forum, www.AR15.com, which is why it was not edited out of the quote.)

  7. This is airsoft lol, no such thing as overkill. Our whole sport is based on the premise of things you don't actually need.. but does that stop people from spending thousands on night vision or high speed setups? Not in the least. With that said, I'll agree the Elcan isn't the most practical for airsoft - rather I got it for a 5.56 mm project I'm working towards ;)


    Good point.


    And, good to hear that your Canadian friend will be used on a real rifle, as well. ^_^



  8. A bit overkill, don'tcha' think?


    And 'Corps...it needs moar Duostock. :P




    Edit: Don't get me wrong, I have considered buying a Specter DR. For a real AR, though.

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