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  1. No, buffer tube is TM spec thread. https://www.facebook.com/groups/954757591262527/
  2. So, has anyone changed the inner barrel yet and what did you fit?
  3. You sure he's running 144a, everyone I know so far is hitting around 310-325 on 144a, Green I have heard of 346-350+
  4. Does anyone know yet what type of inner barrels will fit, I've heard suggestions that the WE M4 type inner barrels might fit and also what about recoil spring upgrades?
  5. I have owned six Marui recoils now, finally have a 416 coming from the far east, I always recommend putting a 363mm inner barrel into the ones that come with shorter inners (SCAR L, SCAR H, CQB, 416), as I understand it the compression ratio is improved greatly by putting in the longer inner barrel, so a stock gun firing at 280-290fps will get a bump in the fps to around 315-325fps without doing anything else to the internals.
  6. Also ordered from Airsoft Zone earlier this year, very helpful, extremely well packed and speedy service, just what you want really.
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