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  1. PMO Gordo

    TAGinn ML36 Grenade Launcher

    Another planned product that Airsoft Pyrotechnics casually mentioned about is the 40mm grenade pouch as shown in the "ML-36 HPA Version" video. It seems to carry up to 8 projectiles in a pouch. I've used similar pouch in the past, and I am not a big fan of it because of the needs to use both hands to close the pouch. I move on to another system consisting of both a Tactical Tailor 40mm Belt and two AK mag pouches. The Tactical Tailor 40mm Belt is like a "Ready Mag" for quick retrieval of rounds, and the AK mag pouches are for storing additional rounds to replenish the belt. Fold Out 40mm Pouch: http://www.evike.com/products/40996/#pagetabs Tactical Tailor 40mm Belt: http://www.tacticaltailor.com/40mmbelt12rd.aspx
  2. PMO Gordo

    TAGinn ML36 Grenade Launcher

    Airsoft Pyrotechnics did not mention their "Fate" projectile in their recent videos, but they have a model displayed at ShotShow 2017. According to Airsoft Evike Matt's video, it is a projectile containing both impact and delay timer fuses (like a child of both "Reaper" and "Archangel"). It should be more effective than "Reaper" or "Archangel" alone. For example, a glancing shot may fail to trigger the impact fuse, but since the delay-timer fuse would be active once the projectile leaves the barrel, the projectile would still detonate. Also, TAGinn seems to deviate from the previous projectile designs, which were similar to NATO 40mm grenades in shapes. For the "Fate", they mimics the Russian 40mm grenades instead. I believe this is because of the needs to accommodate both impact and delay timer fuses, and the slender Russian 40mm grenade profile works better.
  3. PMO Gordo

    TAGinn ML36 Grenade Launcher

    Inspired by "I AM A TANK" meme, I created this video from TAGinn's "ML-36 HPA Version" video.
  4. PMO Gordo

    TAGinn ML36 Grenade Launcher

    Based on the information provided by Airsoft Pyrotechnics' second video about the ML-36 and new projectiles, I created the following pictures to highlight the new features. Also, I think the "anti-friction band" described in the video is not for reducing friction. Its function is probably to assist spinning the projectile and to center the projectile in the barrel.
  5. PMO Gordo

    TAGinn ML36 Grenade Launcher

    The main difference between the TAG ML-36 Grenade Launcher CO2 and HPA versions besides the power source is that the HPA version cannot be mounted under-barrel. It is because the the barrel and trigger mechanism are fixed to the chassis. For me, I prefer to run my grenade launcher under-barrel because I think switching between two long weapons is too time consuming and may cause players to miss targets of opportunity.
  6. PMO Gordo

    TAGinn ML36 Grenade Launcher

    TAGinn released another video of the ML-36 (HPA version). They talked about the improvement done in the new projectiles, great performance of the ML-36 (HPA version) in extreme weather condition.
  7. PMO Gordo

    TAGinn ML36 Grenade Launcher

    The ML-36 is actually a replica of a real grenade launcher - Madritsch ML-40 (http://en.madritsch.eu/ml40-mk1). It was originally designed as an accessory for the Australian's enhanced Steyr AUG rifle (F88 Austeyr), but the company lost the competition to Steyr's GL-40, and the fate of ML-40 is uncertain. I don't know if Madritsch sold the license to TAGinn for producing a GL-40 replica or not, but if they did, it might be due to the fact they can not find a buyer for ML-40.
  8. TAGinn just released a full-feature video of their new grenade launcher - TAG ML36: Based on my experience with TAG15 (GP-25 style launcher released in 2015) and observation of the newly-released video, I think TAGinn's ML36 launcher will be a winner! If you skipped the TAG15 because of its limited rifle compatibility and price, you definitely want to get the ML36! The exciting new features of ML36 are: 1. New projectile system: the projectiles will now come with casing that allow easy loading/unloading - no more needs to shoot out projectiles to unload the launcher! The spent casing can be reused by inserting another projectile into it. And to make things even better, I am 99% sure you can make shotgun rounds from the casing (see figure 3 and 4). I believe you can put at least 40 BBs in the casing. If TAGinn decide to officially adopt this application, they should make elongated casing so that players can put even more BBs in it! 2. Versatile gas system: the innovative TAG15 gas system is adopted with improvement - the front sight is now integrated to the CO2 chamber cap, making it easier to operate the cap. In addition, when used with the stand alone chassis, players can load 2 CO2 cartridges into the "butter tube", or use both gas systems together and have 3X of the original gas capacity. TAGinn is also planning to incorporate HPA as another power source in the near future. 3. Ergonomic breech loading mechanism: the ML36's breech operates like a M320, meaning the breech opens to the side. This allows players to load/unload more quickly, as well as use longer rounds such as the high capacity shotgun rounds I proposed above.
  9. PMO Gordo


  10. TAGinn Shell Pro has a recessed fill port, so my Madbull XC03 charger could not reach the fill valve. Fortunately, I found a duster gas adapter in my gear bag, which served nicely as a fill tip extender.
  11. Just got the TAGinn Shell Pro! Here’s a brief test report: Environment: Indoor, 80.7 degree F Chronograph: Shooting Chrony F-1 Launchers: VFC EGLM Shells: TAGinn Shell Pro and Shell Regular Gases: CO2 Projectile: TAGinn Pecker (24 gm) Results: 1. Shell Pro, CO2 (800 psi): 163.8, 175.4, 181.9, 189.1, 130.3, 160.2 fps – AVG 166.8 fps; 31.0 J, 2.9 J/cm^2, ~7 mm ballistic clay indentation 2. Shell Regular, CO2 (450 psi): 174.6, 150.3, 156.8, 175.0, 220.3, 168.9 fps – AVG 174.3, 33.9 J, 3.2 J/cm^2, ~7 mm ballistic clay indentation 3. Shell Regular, CO2 (300 psi): 114, 117.7, 116.5, 117.0, 117.7, 119.4 fps – AVG 117.7, 15.4 J, 1.4 J/cm^2, ~3 mm ballicstic clay indentation Discussion: Both Shell Pro and Shell Regular at maximal operational gas pressure (800 and 450 psi) propelled projectiles which were below 40 J head injury threshold, and less than 44 mm ballistic clay lethal criteria. TAGinn Shell Pro, when charged with unregulated 12 gm CO2 cartridges, produced comparable velocities to that of Shell Regluar at 450 psi. This may be caused by the signicant smaller chamber volume in Shell Pro, which stores similar amount of CO2 gas at 800 psi as Shell Regular at 450 psi. High gas pressure resulted in greater variabilities in velocities in both Shell Pro and Shell Regular, while low gas pressure showed better consistency in velocities. This may suggest that low gas pressure will improve shooting accuracy, while lowering the injury risks. 117.7 fps produced by Shell Regular at 300 psi should be able to reach effective range of greater than 150 feet, based on my previous experiences. Conclusion: TAGinn claimed the Shell Pro may be safe to use with unregulated 12 gm CO2 cartridges. The results showed Shell Pro, when charged with unregulated 12 gm CO2 cartridges, appeared to propell projectiles at velocities within safety limits.
  12. PMO Gordo

    Pneumatic Rocket Launcher

  13. PMO Gordo

    Pyro Induced Fire


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