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    Who’s MP5is the nicest?

    Hey all, I've been shopping for an mp5 for quite some time, but ive never found "the one" ill share my findings. Ive owned a TM, CA, SRC, VFC, and an old galaxy PDW clone 🤡 TM, CA, ICS= I would disregard these in 2019. Selectors are terrible, grip is fat, cocking tube seam where it connects to receiver CA(B&T) = Better than the above. moving ejection port with hopup adjustment is cool. but it shares all the problems of the older models SRC Stamped steel= rock solid receiver, nice having an AEG that doesn't feel like it will snap in half on its sling. solves the cockingtube seam with a real (and realistic) weld. lower is gross, fat selector switches that feel bad and mushy, faux bolt cover slammed into my hop adjustment arm and broke it...finish is rough and kinda gray, not much like any mp5s ive encountered (only a couple but yknow) VFC(Die cast US model) = Receiver is NOT steel, cocking tube seam is present which killed it for me. The lower however is the best around, good material, as narrow as possible, selectors are stiffer and clickier. 3 round burst stutters sometimes Systema TW5 = seems sick, but not in my budget The Best of the bunch as far as I can tell is VFC's asia region aeg. It has a proper stamped steel upper (welded cocking tube 😍 might share with their GBBRs) and the nicest lower in the biz The catch is that it's out of stock since like over a year ago http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/AEG_AEP_Umarex_Umarex_VFC_MP5A5_AEG_Asia_Edition.htm *honorable mention ICS MX5 pro= never got my hands on one, looks pretty good if I recall correctly but I think Umarex killed this one WE apache = Looks good, apparently works good, mags are either open follower with correct curvature, or closed with exaggerated curvature 😡 That's all the info I've gathered on the subject, I'm still mp5-less. LCT's G3 looks great so fingers crossed on their mp5. Good luck with your noble quest

    H&K Picture Thread

    I think that's very cool ^

    WE G39 Pmags?

    Comparing my old PTS Gmags and WE g39 mags, sadly I don't think it's possible. The front of the gmag tapers a little bit where the normal magazine doesn't (where the tips of the bullets are). the g39 gas tank is totally square so either you could try to knock the edges off or thin out the gmag shell to the point that it'll be fragile I think there are still some knockoff gmag flashmags in a few stores you could cannibalize the shell from for testing. otherwise maybe 3d printing a slightly out-of-spec mag shell? *or get some g36 specific mag pouches :D*

    Videos Thread !

    Went on a road trip/soft trip with the boys last year. This video most accurately distills our experience

    Specna Arms G36 opinions?

    They definitely look like S&T, or rather the original EBB ARES design Ive used an old Ares for a few years, and used an S&T gearbox for a dmr project. New bucking, nub, and barrel is a GOOD idea 😂 I used the original barrel to learn how to S hop Stock motors are not fast or strong, add EBB to that and they can be sluggish unless you have a monster battery. So I usually replace them ASAP with something more torquey I actually had good luck sanding the blowback track to smooth it out (the slot in the gearbox shell where the blowback piece slides around is pretty rough) you can actually get these guns reliable with EBB unless you use a lot of full auto. -cheers

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    First time seeing the real one, so weird, but makes sense given the additive manufacturing. Great model

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Joined in 05 to get schooled on true geardo-ism doc newstead, havoc, crunchy bunny, sledge, it was chaos. I remember when the off topic section discovered the lazy town pirate song, good lord. candyman's wa2000 build was a saga for sure Sad to see it slow down, hopefully with social media tightening its grip we'll see a renaissance.

    Videos Thread !

    Thanks for the kudos man, yeah people look at us like we're from Mars when we go to SC. Gotta get a Dye mask to blend in.

    Videos Thread !

    Got one of them scope cams from brainexploder

    Videos Thread !

    This barrel was cheaper than a Prometheus, so I snagged one. Kinda gimmicky but its better than the stock barrel without a doubt. very little science going on, but it might be helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4cJ2BuHCX4

    Videos Thread !

    Getting back to Skirmishing after a break.

    H&K Picture Thread

    Is someone talking smack on top mounted LLMs? WE g39

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Sick of being high speed.

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    with all those trees around, its more like....SPRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!!

    Videos Thread !

    tag it with LOL, CATS, BOOBS, YOLO, and SWAG...in all caps of course

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