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  1. Lol.. Who ever had had it before me had set the hop perfectly! Why you sell your Vector? I did see that second hand sales are coming down abit - someone just sold one for £550 with 6 mags and other various upgrades. Im completely dry of money right now but would hope to pick up 2 more mags. 6 seems so much better then 4.
  2. Its been a while since I posted here lol.. I took mine out for a spin the other day after not being able to play for months due to money and stuff. It was a warm day and I used some of this newish WE green gas. My vector had an NPAS fitted and it chronos at about 310 which for me is fine as I play the Mall. I gave it a good clean and lube about a week before (and then the same to my gun bom-bom!). Anyways.... It performed amazingly! Not one fault or glitch the whole day. At the end of every mag it locked back and had a very good range considering the barrel length. I was the only one with
  3. "Some says 600 fps is too much for the Vector to handle but Angry gun thinks different" Then angry gun can come round and fix my weapon after the internals have shredded. Load of pants.
  4. Nice.. Did you have to take the trigger assembly apart... Fiddly.
  5. Yeah man no worries.. Its a sunday game so a full day affair. Cant remember the date but i will find out for you
  6. I have an npas so it doesnt really matter. Its just weather the seals hold up. point_7 have you installed it properly? If I shut mine down the gun cycles but the bb falls out the end haha. Fully open though on GG only gives me about 260/280fps. But it was cold and I still need to try with predator/ultra gas. Roll on the Mall in Jan!
  7. I was also thinking of grabbing another 2 at some point. Would be very interested in knowing if they are any good.
  8. I saw this on airsoft gi today.. Looks very plastic if im honest - space reverse the colour sceme and I think it'll look better. People keep saying that the vector is rare but from what I hear they are still churning them out.
  9. NPAS is fitted to mine. Going to the tunnels on sunday for game and chrono. OYEAH!
  10. Its too cold for 144a.. That gas doesnt cut the mustard at all. Use preditor/ultra in the colder months - thatll kick your fps up to around 320 on a cold day and the kick will be alot harder.
  11. You could buy some of those gel glove warmers from a outdoor shop/ebay. The will fit in a m4 mag pouch with the mags as well.
  12. J when you remove the bolt from the gun there is a small screw holdong in a metal stop. Remove this to reveal the nozzle return spring. It may have mis-alined itself. There is also a small plastic tab on the nozzle that rubs along the inside of the bolt. Give that area a good clean. make sure when the nozzle is pulled forward to put abit of silicon oil in there as well. This should solve the problems your having. Like I said before this gun is highly stung and needs alittle tlc from time to time. Maybe take it out for a meal or to see a chick flick at the cinema to keep it sweet
  13. Pull out the charging handle and place your index finger and middle finger into the groove. Pull straight back (putting most pressure on the index finger). Its not an easy pull however, it shouldnt be really difficult. If you look at the PDF files or manual you can completly strip the lower reciever. This splits the lower cage into 2 parts and allowing easy access to give the guide rails a good scrub and re-lube. My one piece of advice is to keep an eye on the charging handle return spring which attaches to the frame. Youll see it if you strip the gun.
  14. Thats a beauty.. I was going to do that with an afg grip as well. Did you just measure up and saw of the end?
  15. Not specific enough. This is exact science...
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