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  1. Finally started putting this together....
  2. Beginning of somethin somethin... Avalon BCM4 with BCM KMR 13"
  3. Kagami: You know what's a real shame about your build? That I don't own it. Haha. Well done mate!
  4. Exposed screws is what i meant. I agree with Kagami, doesn't look like it's painted. I'm just hoping Siavash didn't pay a hefty sum for it, but to each his own.
  5. I think it's one of those InvisibleSight replicas you can find on ebay?
  6. Really? Never seen a real PEQ 15 with front screws, but I am interested in the brand.
  7. Hmm.. I thought all the SD Threaded glock Barrels were 14mm CW? I could be wrong. As Aznriptide said, the Osprey comes 14mmCW, but there is a separate kit that includes 16mmCW and 14mmCCW thread adaptors and the key to remove/install them.
  8. I'm running a Shooter Design (SD) threaded barrel on it. I don't recommend any steel barrel if you're running an aluminum slide on your Glock. Because of the floating design of the outer barrel, a steel barrel will just shave bits off the aluminum slide till there's none left.. LOL. And also on the topic of the free floating barrel, I've noticed that running the SD barrel on my HK3P (WE) glock is looser than running it on a Tokyo Marui Glock. This is the main cause of cycle failure. So in short, the Osprey functions flawlessly on a TM but you may encounter some cycling issues on a WE/H
  9. Yep. But it does catch up once in a while with the Osprey on it. I think if the can was any heavier it probably would bring it to a complete halt.
  10. Some OSPREY Cans (apologies for the poor lighting & quality of the photos. I got lazy LOL): On a Glock 17 (7" 14mm CW) The 7" vs 8" versions H&K USP Tactical (8" 16mm CW) and a Glock 17 (7" 14mm CW) On a H&K P10 (7" 14mm CW) On a Kriss Vector (8" 16mm CW):
  11. Tell me about that PEQ-14 and 15 setup? RS?
  12. Those sights looks like they were from a KJW KC-02.
  13. whoops! Link broke.. here you are:
  14. Been busy (lazy) with builds lately.. but here are some Salients (one still in the works):
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