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  1. Lintott

    Stark-Arms/VFC Glock 19

    Nice surprise NonEx! Congrats! I received some special glue I ordered from ebay UK six month late once. Refund was paid after a few weeks. No clue what it was all about. Maybe customs thought I was going to sniff it.
  2. Lintott

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    Reading this thread I get the impression this shotgun breaks down a lot. Is that an accurate impression? Makes me worried about getting one. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Lintott

    Stark-Arms/VFC Glock 19

    Hmm, that reminds me of my wife's garlic press... Worth a try (as long as she does not notice..) Thanks!
  4. Lintott


  5. Lintott

    Stark-Arms/VFC Glock 19

    Anyone out there who knows what the best way is to stipple the grip of a Stark arms G19?

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