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  1. I have ak102 and its a blast. Due to AK bolt mechanism the noise is great. Wys?ane z iPad za pomoc? Tapatalk
  2. Anyone got luck with swapping the standard stock with m4 one ? I bought cheap china stock converter but it doesnt work for TM (even thou its for TM according to Evike). It is a cheap copy of VLTOR version but I think original wont work with TM SCAR either. Anyone can help ? K.
  3. Ok got some time to shoot the Hk417. Was rather windy, still I got constant hits on man size figure at range 70+ meters. With M120 spring It got a little bit lower ROF but the sound now is really cool. Like 7,62 mm shooting . Really cool. Was using scope to check the results. K.
  4. Hello all, I got AK102 and very happy with it. Always wanted AK but in Poland everybody got one so I decided for TM EBB version (got earlier SCAR-L CQC so I knew what to expect). I moded it with Eagle6 and prommy parts. Yesterday I decided to tyr to fit the M4 stock base from Laylax and broke selector plate . Stock base doesnt fit sadly and now I need to find a selector plate. If anyone got one spare I would be willing to buy it . R.
  5. Ok opened mine, finally got some time to do it (came from Echigoya first week of January). Sorry for my english I may not use some tech terms properly. Opens similary to Sopmod (I didnt work on 416 thou) Differences - I desoldiererd the wires as I couldnt unscrew the tube with them like in my Sopmod. - ejection port movement module is a little bit different then M4 I think - the wires are screwed to the engine and new engine is much harder to turn manually then old one - there is a funny connected double cog for fire selector (dont remeber that one in M4) Piston has 100% ai
  6. Will open mine this week and confirm. I opened M4 SOPMOD, SCAR and AK (ALL NG) so have comparison.
  7. Hello all. As a part of the club (Got Scar CQC and M4 CQB-R) I encountered some jamming issues with my scar Hornbill gears and Prommy Piston. I changed them to Wii tech high speed gears (was really surprised about the good quality) and they gave me much smoother run and 1000 RPM. Anyone got any info about them and other WII tech parts (besides hop up that is ######). System specs - Prommy piston - prommy piston head - prommy cylinder head - prommy nozzle - M110 spring - prommy guide - Wii tech speed gears and anti reversal My output is 380 fps with hop set up and black sys
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