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  1. blazed99

    Magpul PTS Masada

  2. Looking for a Magpul PTS Masada 5.56 version not ak. Not looking for A&k version pm me with details.
  3. blazed99

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    Think Airsoft Direct now have the Alpha-Tec license
  4. blazed99

    Vector Optics Posp

  5. blazed99

    Russian gear to fit xxl

    All sold please close
  6. blazed99

    Lct Lck74mn nv

  7. blazed99

    Vector Optics Posp

  8. blazed99

    Vfc Hk416d (original gunmetal finish)

  9. blazed99

    Vector Optics Posp

    Vector Optics Posp Scope, comes wit 2 side mounts, red illumination and fully adjustable. Will fit on Lct As-Vall, Vss etc. Used once. £120
  10. Make - VFCModel - HK416DAccessories - Gatte Nano AAB mosfet, Prometheus over bore barrel, Prommy purple flat hop, Prowin hop chamber plus other bits i am no longer sure of, Gen 2 stock and pistol grip on orginal VFC HK416D externals.Condition - used, usual skirmish marks, a piece of history in my opinion alot nicer finish than current Umarex versionsFPS - last chrono 335Sell/Split/Part Exchange - no to allPrice - £220Pictures - Yes
  11. blazed99

    Lct Lck74mn nv

    Make - LCTModel - LCK74MN NVAccessories - 4x midcaps, Sling and Nuprol High Torque motor fittedCondition -Skirmished onceFPS - last chrono 315Sell/Split/Part Exchange - no to allPrice - £220Pictures - Yes
  12. blazed99

    Russian gear to fit xxl

    Just Nerpa chest rig left £65
  13. blazed99

    Umarex (VFC) Sig MCX with extras

  14. blazed99

    Umarex (VFC) Sig MCX with extras

    Open to reasonable offers.
  15. blazed99

    Russian gear to fit xxl

    Some 60-62/5 gear for sale. Bars Gorka and beanie £65. Sso Nerpa chest rig with belt £70. Summer and winter telyshanka £20 for both. Has been worn and washed. UK sales only. https://imgur.com/a/SMy1xMd https://imgur.com/a/EenaVDD https://imgur.com/a/xVsOCFr https://imgur.com/a/J4aE6f8

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