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  1. On arrival I was impressed with the externals and overall build quality. Decided to start pimping the externals and decided to a fit a Vltor front iron sight. On removal of standard front sight I found that once the pins where knocked through a large amount metal swerf came out where it had been drilled through for the pins to be fitted. On removal this scratched the outer barrel. But hey not to bad I thought at least it looks better now. So today came for my first chronoing and testing. 7.4v lipo fitted a few shots down range and BB's where double feeding and also dropping out the barrel.
  2. My Army R43 sopmod clone. Not sure on flash hider wants something a bit different to all the standard M4 types. [/url]">http://
  3. Just bought a TM CQBR and really impressed with it, only thing i am not too happy about is the shiny pistol grip. Does anyone know if a standard MOE pistol grip will fit straight on? Thought best to ask before i buy one and it does not fit. Many thanks in advance.
  4. My KA Sig556 Shorty so far Need another stock connector as its snapped, hence you seeing the gear box slightly
  5. Love this, but mine struggles firing in semi auto without stopping. But works fine in full auto both semi and full. Any ideas?
  6. Found some replica trousers but no top, probably going to go for the Tacgear M90. How close is the new G&G FNC green to the real thing?
  7. Anyone know if you can get Chinese replica M90 camo anywhere just on a tight budget? Would need to be XXL and below for team as well.
  8. It is just about right for me mate, really makes a difference to looking through the Elcan. Thought the same with the silencer, just not sure which one to get.
  9. Finally got my cheek rest from Evike, £40 maybe a bit steep after customs etc, but it does look nice Not sure about silencer maybe needs a slightly longer one?
  10. My ICS Sig551 with ACM Elcan fitted, love the nice clear optics of the Elcan. Really looking for cheek rest and longer barrel set but no one seems to stock them Any ideas what silencer would look good on a sig?
  11. Cheers mate was thinking that but did not want to send it back to Land Warrior to do it due to increased cost etc. Plus if i do it myself i lose the warrenty, if i had known i would have paid for them to do it before posting I prefer mine running at 328fps, then i am safe at all sites i goto in the UK, any ideas which spring should do this as this is my first G&P (god knows why i have waited this long its awesome).
  12. Just got the magpul version and its the first G&P i have ever owned, i can honestly the extrnal quality blows VFC Scar out the water. Only thing is its chronoing at 380fps stock!!! LW have advised me to leave the spring compressed and it should settle down to 350ish with use. Does anyone have one and can confirm this, and if so how do i bed it in if i cannot skirimish it?
  13. so far seems pretty good for the price, laser is not that strong but it may need new batteries. I am happy with it overall.
  14. No its the one from ebaybanned. I thought getting one of these to mount it on? http://www.ebairsoft.com/knights-piece-sco...073-p-2430.html or this one? http://www.ebairsoft.com/30mm-offset-mount-p-1923.html But just not sure if it would raise it high enough ?
  15. My VFC Scar-L counter sinper, just ordered a FAB gripod and some Pmags What do you think?
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