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  1. Starting my clearcut. So selling my un skirmished green gas M17. Probably had 5 rounds through it in the house. Looking for £130 all in for it.
  2. Accessory/Make: PTS Griffin Armament M4SD-K Suppressor DE & PTS Paladin Flash Hider CCW (-14mm)Condition: Good a few marksSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nox3Price/Payment: £60 all inPictures:
  3. Finally marui hop rubber fitted. Range now stunning. Still needed a lot of lubrication though.
  4. Cheers lads thought that's what you would say but wanted to check before I cut it.
  5. Been advised by LW that best way to lower fps is too cut the recoil spring not the main spring. Anyone tried this yet?
  6. Cheers mate but found some now, ordered a couple. Fingers crossed this time.
  7. Ideally I like to use TM but cannot find any in stock.
  8. Tried all the above gets so far and does not move any further. Wonder if my hop unit is out. Fitted loads of hop rubbers in the past and this by far the worst.
  9. 4 rubbers torn now, giving up on the Guarders. Put original back and its truly awful. Land Warrior recommended Madbull Blues as not as prone to tearing as the Guarders. Anyone tried the Blues? Really is stupidly tight.
  10. Many thanks for advice. Not got any frog lube but would Teflon grease be ok?
  11. Hi all how did you get the Guarder clear rubber to fit, i have split 2 so far.
  12. Is it worth fitting a Guarder hop rub straight away too, or testing the original first?
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