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  1. blazed99

    Sig Air Proforce M17

  2. Starting my clearcut. So selling my un skirmished green gas M17. Probably had 5 rounds through it in the house. Looking for £130 all in for it.
  3. 3x multicam black Hk417 pouches (Ops core) £45
  4. blazed99

    Tokyo Marui HK417

  5. Accessory/Make: PTS Griffin Armament M4SD-K Suppressor DE & PTS Paladin Flash Hider CCW (-14mm)Condition: Good a few marksSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nox3Price/Payment: £60 all inPictures:
  6. blazed99

    Tokyo Marui HK417

    Interested in trades for other TM recoils or gbbr must in good condition and of similar value.
  7. blazed99

    Tokyo Marui HK417

  8. blazed99

    Tokyo Marui HK417

    It is less than a year old and had very little use only, would have thought less than two thousand through it. Still fully boxed, I am happy to include both hops and barrels. Everything other battery connector is stock, gearbox has never been touched. Lovely AEG just to heavy for me.
  9. blazed99

    Tokyo Marui HK417

    Yes ngrs
  10. blazed99

    Tokyo Marui HK417

    Open to sensible offers? Trade wise only looking for a umarex/vfc mp7a1 aeg.
  11. blazed99

    Tokyo Marui HK417

    A few bits now not included and sale only now. 3x Standard Mags, 1x Hicap, 1 Hop unit with original inner barrel, Freedom Art rear sling mount, Original box. £550 all in.
  12. blazed99

    Tokyo Marui HK417

    Make: Tokyo MaruiGun/Model: HK417Accessories: 3x Standard Mags, 1x Hicap, VFC CQB rail, 2 Hop units ( ne with original inner barrel and one with Madbull steel 6.03 455mm inner barrel), Freedom Art rear sling mount, front QD sling mount, Rail removal tool, Scope with RMR, Original box.Condition: Very good test shot only as to big for me. Has been rewired to mini Tamiya bypassing TM battery connector.FPS: Stock 290.Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Maybe/MaybePrice/Payment: £700 Pictures: Trade/part ex wise Looking for a TM Delta, TM MK18 or possibly Umarex MP7A1 AEG of similar RRP or cash to make up difference, must be in good condition with no internal upgrades.
  13. blazed99

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    Think Airsoft Direct now have the Alpha-Tec license
  14. blazed99

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    Finally marui hop rubber fitted. Range now stunning. Still needed a lot of lubrication though.

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