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  1. Hey not just a clever name huh We get Revision ballistic goggles too, same design think they do a slim range too. We opted for the open type not the closed hahaha As said let me have a peak cos I'm sure I've seen some
  2. This is the type we have issued but i think i have seen some of the metal ones with the rubber arm covers
  3. The ones we have like I say are solid (ABS) rails and arms so I doubt it. I'll have a peek tomorrow at mine when I run to work to get my training gear but iirc the lenses are all one piece covering both sides
  4. I'll have a look at work for you dude, we get them issued but normally thee solid rail type but there 'may' bbe some older wire ones in the many cubby holes at work. No promises but I'll have a look around
  5. ESS do a range of ballistics for asian people thus some much wider fitting and some much more narrow and thin nosed. Not the cheapest but but they're great quality. May help
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