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  1. With sniper replicas, it's really more of a case of putting time and effort into modifying a base replica into something that shoots well. It's an expensive, time consuming business, certainly not for everyone. It probably is worth your while asking people who are experienced with airsoft sniping what to do (not me, I don't snipe), but you can out range regular AEGs by quite some way. Expecting amazing performance out of the box perhaps isn't too realistic. Something to keep in mind with sniping, you won't be out of people's range all the time, game play wise it's basically impossible. Other p
  2. You have to make a certain number of posts to access the classifieds on this forum (stops random spammers).
  3. S So I got some new stuff for Xmas, including some comtac 2s. I got to try them out at a game at the weekend and got some pics.
  4. You're about half an hour from Gunman Eversley, one of the best woodland sites in the UK.
  5. My guess is they haven't, or at most the shell extraction will just be a little slowed down to let the user catch the shell themselves. It's nice to see some innovation, I would guess this will come with quite the price tag.
  6. Yeah, I think I got focused on other parts of the gearbox and just didn't think of this, a friend suggested it might be the cables interfering with the selector plate, so I tried that and it worked, just wish I'd tried it earlier. It seems to be running fine now, though I did accidentally leave a shim out, which is a tad annoying.
  7. Well, I solved it. It turns out the cables were interfering with the selector plate, pulling them back immediately solved the issue. I feel a tad stupid for not trying this earlier.
  8. I had a look at the trigger unit today, everything looked normal but I took it to bits and gave everything a clean just to be safe anyway. The selector plate also looks to be functioning normally outside the gun. After fully disassembling and reassembling the gearbox the same issue appeared. I'm stumped.
  9. Thanks, yeah in fairness I haven't checked the selector plate carefully. It might be causing issues.
  10. When I looked the trolley seemed Ok, I was careful to reconnect the return spring correctly and it's an operation I'm used to doing. I'm wondering if I somehow reassembled the housing for the trigger switch assembly incorrectly so I'll have a look at that tomorrow. What confuses me is the fact that the gearbox works normally when it's outside the gun, but then develops these issues as soon as I put it back in the gun, this makes me think it's something to do with the selector levers but I can't really figure out what, aside from a little bit of ware, everything looks more or less normal and I'
  11. I had the gearbox apart again today to see if I could try to remedy the issue. No luck, there seems to be some lateral play with the disconnector lever but I'm not sure if this is normal and there doesn't seem to be any way to actually stop it. The issue also seems to have gotten worse after the latest disassembly but the weird thing is that it seems to be only something that occurs when the gearbox is actually in the receiver, basically, the gearbox will cycle when outside the receiver, both with and without the selector levers attached but once in the receiver the issue appears, now with the
  12. I recently re-shimmed the gearbox of my CYMA AK as well as cleaned the trigger contacts which were pretty carbonised after a couple years of use. The shimming job went well in that the gearbox now runs more smoothly, however it has developed a new problem, which I'm not sure if it is linked to the shimming job or how to fix, as I've had the gearbox to bits a couple of times to no success. Basically, when swapping from semi auto to full auto, the trigger locks up. At first I assumed this was some issue with the selector levers but this doesn't seem to be the case. Rather it seems to be somethin
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