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  1. Without chronoing your replica with the new spring it's impossible to say. Checking by sight is highly unreliable, it won't be three times the velocity just because the motor won't be able to pull a spring that stiff. If you can't chrono it then it's probably wise to play it safe and swap back to the original so you're less likely to be exceeding site or legal limits (I have no idea what the rules and laws are like in Romania).
  2. Hello, and welcome to the forum!
  3. Considering it's a CYMA springer that looks surprisingly nice. I actually really want one now.
  4. Thanks! This is all very useful information, one thing I have gleened is that the hop up arm on the guarder enhanced chambers is made of steel which I guess contributes to both accuracy and durability. To be honest, if it's on par with Tokyo Marui, that's plenty good enough for me. Cheers!
  5. I'm considering getting the Guarder enhanced hop up chamber for my KJW Glock 23 to improve the accuracy which is somewhat inconsistent currently. I wanted to check if it was worth getting? I also have a crazy jet inner barrel which has fitment issues with the standard hop chamber, so I'm hoping that will fit properly with a Guarder hop up chamber. Any information or advice is much appreciated.
  6. You have to have 100 posts to access the classifieds section. Here are the forum rules. Welcome to the forums.
  7. What ED-SKaR says, go with your 552, something that old will likely turn a few heads, always happens when I use my TM Uzi. Obviously if there's anything you're particularly interested in finding out, ask away.
  8. Get something actually ballistically rated. Many airsofters look for eye protection that conforms to the ANSI Z87.1 standard which will be rated against both high mass and high velocity impacts. It isn't the only standard that assures protection but it is reasonably easy to find eye protection that conforms to it. Don't trust cheap shooting glasses or goggles, and don't trust mesh, period. BBs can fragment and I'd personally not want my eyes to be sprayed with high velocity BB debris far faster than I can blink. Along with what Shmook says, you have to consider that your eye protection needs t
  9. Thanks, I'll look into it and see if it could function.
  10. Sorry, yes, should have led with that. Yeah, probably no wet willies for a while yet, we live in dark times. The safe zone for my club's site is pretty much just some of the terrain we use, so it's a fairly easy job to just get people to space out more into it. Briefings and chrono will be tricky, though I suspect a combination of masks and social distancing is going to be in force for the foreseeable future. Also, there are things I'm not asking about here because they're problems being approached by other people, the mood here is one of caution, we don't want a resurgence, and we don't want
  11. Ok, to explain because I think there's some crossed wires going on here. This isn't for immediate start up of games, I'm frankly cautious of the idea and where I'm based in Spain, it isn't even allowed currently; I guess in a few weeks it will be which is why I want to get my head round how to solve problems now, not in a few weeks. The safe zone aspect is also different, though obviously that is a concern, it's less of an issue here because there isn't a limited safe zone, there's a staging area that we can expand so that people can maintain appropriate distancing, and not touch each others s
  12. Well, potentially marshals though where I play we don't actually have marshals. The only apps I can currently find seem to not be functional currently and didn't quite do what I'm thinking of anyway. The concept I had was to have capture points on a GPS map, with people signing into teams, someone with a phone on a given team would then be able to capture that location, so you'd have objectives but without having to have props that people need to actually touch. Most of the apps seem to more be about tracking player locations, which is kind of a different issue.
  13. It seems like games involving props and physical objectives are likely to be prohibited or just a bad idea in a lot of places for a while. Something I looked into a while back for different reasons was using battlefield management apps to control games, so things like capturable objectives, etc. that can be tracked with smart phones. Looking at the google play store, the Battlemap app is now dead, and Personal Eye System is no longer available. So, are there any apps in this vein that could work? Maps and objectives would need to be interactable for multiple players. Thanks in advance fo
  14. Yeah, I'd noticed that. Anyone have any idea how much a of a mark up it's likely to get in Europe? ¥6480 currently converts to around 55 euros...
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