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  1. S So I got some new stuff for Xmas, including some comtac 2s. I got to try them out at a game at the weekend and got some pics.
  2. Thanks, I had a quick go at that last night and I think it helped a little. I wasn't sure how much to bend the spring by however so I'm going to have another go this weekend when I'm not tired and have more time.
  3. That's very useful to know, thanks! My AK-105 is in the CM040 series but it's a few years old, I think about four years old now so I'm not sure if that means it's robust enough or not? Thanks for your advice.
  4. A question, I find the rear sight on my AK gets flipped up when I'm pushing through brush quite easily. I suspect it's due to the leaf spring not being strong enough but I'm dubious about putting a real steel leaf spring in a CYMA as I've heard they're very strong and I have a feeling it would just crack the gas block. Any suggestions? It's pretty irritating to try and take a shot and find the rear sight is obscuring the red dot. I was going to order a CYMA railed dust cover but they just sold out at Taiwan Gun.
  5. So I finally got around to adding a DTK-1 to my AK. I also swapped back to my 7.62 magazines on the basis that my MAG AK-74 magazines have a tendency to jizz all the BBs in them at the slightest provocation. Apologies for crappy phone pic.
  6. Considering it's a CYMA springer that looks surprisingly nice. I actually really want one now.
  7. I recently bought on of the D-Day AK12 variable capacity magazines. I haven't had a chance to run it yet but it looks and feels very good. The witness windows don't show you anything (they can't because of the design of airsoft AK magazines) but they are clear, which is a nice touch. The magazine inserts into my CYMA AK-105 very easily, there's a little bit of play but that's fairly common with a lot of AK magazines. I think it looks pretty cool in a 100 series to boot.
  8. At a recent game here in Spain. It was chilly and foggy in the morning, gradually brightened up during the day. The game was excellent, with well designed missions, and fantastic squad play on all sides. Last picture is me and my friend Helghast, we were on opposite sides that day.
  9. I have indeed! I liked it in a lot of ways but it gave me neck strain so I swapped to a side mount rail, which seems more comfortable. I'm currently playing with options and I might go back to mounting on the ultimak gas tube as I've only used this set up for one game and was having accuracy issues that day (as it turns out, possibly due to a slightly dislocated barrel clip). Mounting the T1 on the ultimak was great for aiming, perfect point of impact position, but neck strain. Edit: this set up is also noticeably heavier, so, swings and roundabouts.
  10. The fact that this can be meaningfully suppressed make me want one even more. Great review, very informative!
  11. Apologies for the crappy smartphone pic. Current set up for my AK-105.
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