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  1. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    I've ordered a Guarder enhanced hammer spring from Rainbow 8, I'll update once I've fitted and tested it. One other question, do Marui Glock 17 magazines work in the KJW Glock 23 series?
  2. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Thanks for the info. I'll keep you posted on this though I won't be doing anything before the new year. I'll try and find out some info on the hammer springs before then. Edit: Guarder do an enhanced Marui Glock 26 recoil and hammer spring set, whether or not the hammer spring actually differs from the Glock 17/18 type I have no idea, it looks pretty similar in the photo and doesn't have the KSC/KWA style "tail" on the spring (not quite sure what else to call it). Still, the set is only about €6 so I'll probably just buy that.
  3. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    I have not! To be honest, not really seen it around here so I'm not 100% sure if it's available. I'll look into it, I have some in the UK but it's a definite no-no for flying with ;-/ Just out of interest, how would propane solve the light striking issue?
  4. ninja master of coffee

    WE Hudson H9

    Coming soon in the next season of The Expanse.
  5. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    I'm having some issues with my KJW Glock 23 (plastic slide version) and light striking. I'm running it on abbey predator gas (red bottle). When I test fire it at home it runs fine, gets pretty good gas efficieny, locks on empty, and has a few more shots worth of gas left. In game it's a different story, it very frequently either won't fire, or light strikes when I try to use it in game or at the end of the day. Now, a couple of things for context, I live in the south of Spain so it tends to warm up quite a lot between morning and midday or early afternoon, even in winter, so it's occured to me that a likely cause is the magazine warming up and the gas hitting a higher pressure, and therefore making the exhaust valve too stiff to move. I have tried running the pistol on 144a but that just creates other issues with the gun not cycling properly due to too low pressure. I'm thinking of getting an enhanced hammer spring to deal with the light striking (it either doesn't fire, or fires but doesn't cycle the slide, becoming effectively like a single shot springer). I am a little confused as to which enhanced hammer spring would be the correct one, I know that KSC/KWA type springs won't work, but a lot of the Marui/WE/KJW springs only mention the Glock 17 and 18 models and I seem to recall that internally the KJW G23 is actually patterned after the Marui Glock 26, whether or not that means a different hammer spring I have no idea. Thanks in advance for any help or advice. Also, please no "Just buy a new gun, hurrr hurrr hurrr." Registering new replicas here in Spain is a pain in the *albartroth* I'd rather not go through unless absolutely necessary. Edit: I used to own exactly this model in the UK, always ran well then. Other people here seem to have a similar issue with their KJW Glock 23s...
  6. ninja master of coffee

    Tokyo Marui teaser for All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    The thing is, they could make a full sized uzi and stick an AEP gearbox in it and get similar or better performance and reliability out of it. I have an original and functioning TM Uzi SMG but I never use it due to the scarcity of replacement parts which is a shame because it's a hoot to fire, and a very comfortable and easy gun to use. Or they could make a GBB, it's not like that's unknown technology for them.
  7. ninja master of coffee

    K-SMG 2 Project build thread

    I really like it, to me it looks like a strange mash up of the MAT 49, Vigneron, Thompson, and maybe an Stg 44. I'd say other than finishing things like the sights, maybe just blue it.
  8. ninja master of coffee

    Tokyo Marui teaser for All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    GIM would be far easier to do, though how motivated TM are to make a GBB Saiga 12 I have no idea, they have gotten into the GBBR market so I guess it isn't impossible. Really it all comes down to if they think it would sell well enough on the Japanese market.
  9. ninja master of coffee

    Tokyo Marui teaser for All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    If you mean using the same gearbox as the AA12, never, the gearbox for that thing is far too large to fit in an AK receiver.
  10. ninja master of coffee

    WTB CYMA cm040 series outer barrel

    I want to buy a CYMA CM040 series outer barrel (part number CM040 PART 8) to convert my AK-104/5 into an AK-74. The part doesn't seem to be available online currently. Dboys and building fire make a similar out barrel but the actual fitment into the front trunion is very tight and they both lack 14mm CCW threading on the barrel as the DBoys AK74 series has that on the front sight (DBoys AK74 front sights are also unavailable). I live in Spain so sellers within the EU are preferable. I have PayPal. Many thanks.
  11. ninja master of coffee

    Thinking about buying a P90

    The AEG P90s are probably the most silencable AEGs around. I believe a little sound absorbent padding in the receiver and a foam filled suppressor results in a very quiet AEG indeed. The only issues I have with them are the difficult shaped magazines and the oddly short length of pull, I feel very hunched over them, but that's entirely personal and doesn't apply to everyone
  12. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    It would also be far easier to do as a custom build since you could use a VSR or clone as the base gun. There isn't really a "base gun" that you can start from with the Welrod, it would have to be custom from the ground up.
  13. ninja master of coffee

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Very nice! Will build pics be coming?
  14. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Painted my 104 sights to make them quicker and easier to acquire.
  15. ninja master of coffee

    The ninja master's pics.


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