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  1. ninja master of coffee

    Tokyo Marui teaser for All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    GIM would be far easier to do, though how motivated TM are to make a GBB Saiga 12 I have no idea, they have gotten into the GBBR market so I guess it isn't impossible. Really it all comes down to if they think it would sell well enough on the Japanese market.
  2. ninja master of coffee

    Tokyo Marui teaser for All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    If you mean using the same gearbox as the AA12, never, the gearbox for that thing is far too large to fit in an AK receiver.
  3. ninja master of coffee

    WTB CYMA cm040 series outer barrel

    I want to buy a CYMA CM040 series outer barrel (part number CM040 PART 8) to convert my AK-104/5 into an AK-74. The part doesn't seem to be available online currently. Dboys and building fire make a similar out barrel but the actual fitment into the front trunion is very tight and they both lack 14mm CCW threading on the barrel as the DBoys AK74 series has that on the front sight (DBoys AK74 front sights are also unavailable). I live in Spain so sellers within the EU are preferable. I have PayPal. Many thanks.
  4. ninja master of coffee

    Thinking about buying a P90

    The AEG P90s are probably the most silencable AEGs around. I believe a little sound absorbent padding in the receiver and a foam filled suppressor results in a very quiet AEG indeed. The only issues I have with them are the difficult shaped magazines and the oddly short length of pull, I feel very hunched over them, but that's entirely personal and doesn't apply to everyone
  5. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    It would also be far easier to do as a custom build since you could use a VSR or clone as the base gun. There isn't really a "base gun" that you can start from with the Welrod, it would have to be custom from the ground up.
  6. ninja master of coffee

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Very nice! Will build pics be coming?
  7. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Painted my 104 sights to make them quicker and easier to acquire.
  8. ninja master of coffee

    The ninja master's pics.

  9. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I'm planning on painting the iron sights on my AK-104, any suggestions on patterns and colours? I'm thinking of doing a glock style white U notch for the rear, then bright green or red for the front sight. I rarely do night games or urban so glow in the dark isn't all that necessary.
  10. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    Get a petition going to send to Tokyo Marui? Yes, the low power of their spring pistols belies their suprisingly impressive range. :-P
  11. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    I can see a lot of people buying gas ones, would be a bit more practical than a very low powered spring one.
  12. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    Lack of hop up is a let down, it's not like fixed hop is even difficult to engineer. Low power is completely expected, it's a spring pistol with a tiny cylinder. This strikes me as something that Tokyo Marui or someone could produce a decent version of for a not silly price, I mean, it's a springer pistol, it would be the most legit springer pistol going considering the operation of the real thing, that coupled with the very effective suppressor design Tokyo Marui have on things like the VSR-10 G-spec would be amazing. That, or someone should produce these as a project since the design is so simple. Edit: And yeah, I got the impression all of their stuff is either very limited production runs or one off builds.
  13. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    Yeah, saw those! So they're actually for sale?
  14. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    Here's the google translated blurb for those interested. It is a very unusual well rod rod air gun. Well rod is a pistol with emphasis on silencing developed in the UK during the Second World War. A real gun is a bolt action formula that performs bolt operation one by one. (For details, please refer to Wikipedia etc.) This air gun is not made by the manufacturer, it becomes the product of full scratch which individuals were designed and produced based on the firearms sword law. Therefore, it is not sold at airsoft shops. (Individual production & popular products so now it will be difficult to get it right now) Individual production, but parts and metal parts cut out in various places are used, it has become a very good texture finish . There is sale of spare mug. Click here for details. ? http://kyuuwasitukoubou.hatenablog.com/ Operation is push type air cocking. Twist the lock at the rear end of the bolt to release ? pull the bolt (piston strikes shear) ? push the bolt and twist the cocking & bolt rear end to bolt lock. The number of bullets is 8, and there is a power of around 0.35 J at 0.2 gBB. From the manufacturer, I think that this special gun which will not be commercialized first becomes the actual shape, and furthermore that BB bullet can be launched further I think that there is a big meaning. (* '? `) If you like things you changed, how about 1?
  15. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    Yeah, a shame this isn't something they're actually manufacturing and selling. Still, maybe if one of the bigger companies bought rights off them and started making them...

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