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  1. ninja master of coffee

    Thinking about buying a P90

    The AEG P90s are probably the most silencable AEGs around. I believe a little sound absorbent padding in the receiver and a foam filled suppressor results in a very quiet AEG indeed. The only issues I have with them are the difficult shaped magazines and the oddly short length of pull, I feel very hunched over them, but that's entirely personal and doesn't apply to everyone
  2. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    It would also be far easier to do as a custom build since you could use a VSR or clone as the base gun. There isn't really a "base gun" that you can start from with the Welrod, it would have to be custom from the ground up.
  3. ninja master of coffee

    Custom built airsoft welrod.

    Apologies if this is a report but I just stumbled across this on youtube, apparently it is a thing. Published a couple of years ago, from what I can tell from the maker's website they're not for sale but damn... http://kyuuwasitukoubou.hatenablog.com/

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