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  1. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    One other question for anyone who may have tried this already. Any ideas what would happen if I tried the KJW CO2 Glock 17 magazine in this? It's the plastic slide model so I have a feel the answer is "your Glock would explode".
  2. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Currently, yes. I used it again today, ran more or less fine, aside from running out of gas before the magazine was finished, though that can just been compact sized magazines. The range is still poor though.
  3. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    I decided to chronograph the Glock today. This was indoors, using .25 gram BBs. With the hop set it clocked in at an average of 230fps, so quite low. I figured this might be the hop being over set so I turned it off, resulting in an velocity of... 230fps. Now, something I've noticed is that the hop makes no real difference to the range, apparent FPS, or trajectory. I spoke to a friend and he suggested that it could be an over volumed barrel, as that would drop the FPS and interfere with the hop actually doing anything. I've also checked that the hop actually functions when I adjust it and it does, so, maybe a replacement barrel. Any suggestions on brands? Thanks.
  4. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Yes, it seems the hammer spring was causing light striking in hot weather. I need to test it more extensively and chronograph it once the magazine has warmed up some as the lack of range is concerning. Even with the hop turned up it's just not shooting that far and has a trajectory like it has no hop. I've checked and the hop is dropping when I adjust it so I'm not really sure what's going on there... I think at this stage I don't want to put too much more money into it, though if anyone has any experience or advice I'm interested to know.
  5. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Interesting that they've opted for the 5.45mm AK-12 and not the 7.62x39mm AK-15. I guess it's a small country so introducing a totally new cartridge isn't as big a deal as it could be. Yeah, most of the pics of Russian troops in Syria show AK-74M with the odd AK-103 IIRC.
  6. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Oh damn! Well, I stand corrected.
  7. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I mean, development wise it's certainly Soviet era, even if it was mainly adopted post USSR.
  8. ninja master of coffee

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    "I remember it well, it was July 9, 2006 when you joined (No I didn't look it up on your profile, what you talkin bout?)" That (I think) makes sense as that would be my final year at university. That said, I do remember the server going down at some point and losing a ton of users and having to re-join, though I don't know if that was before or after that or if it genuinely lost my profile permanently.
  9. ninja master of coffee

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I've been on here for ages, can't actually remember the exact year I joined but I'm pretty sure I was on here when I was at university and that was pre-2006. Still come here for advice on technical stuff and to see of Renegade Cow has built anything new. I don't really post on FB airsoft groups, partly because I don't really want it linked to my facebook profile too heavily for a variety of reasons, and partly because the level of discourse on a lot of facebook groups is beyond idiotic.
  10. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I thought they were technically adopted but no significant deliveries had been made, as in, they're still being manufactured and exact numbers that will be bought aren't certain yet. In any case, I imagine the R&D time for a completely new replica would be significant and I can see LCT wanting the design to be a sure thing. I mean, you may well be right that no more changes are made, but given the somewhat troubled development history I can see why believing it when they see it would be a sensible plan.
  11. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I think one of the issues is that the gas block and gas tube on an AK-12 are a very different design to previous AK generations, so it couldn't be a drop in fit. I suspect the AK-200 furniture is as modern as you can get on an AK-74/AK-100 series as a lot of stuff has been kept the same (so far as actually Russian designed stuff goes, there's obviously loads of US designed parts). I'm sure LCT will bring out a complete AK-12 and AK-15 series replica in time, it's probable they're biding their time though given that it hasn't been properly adopted into Russian military service so the chance of design changes is fairly high. Avoiding what happened with NPO when they jumped the gun and produced an AK-12 model that more or less immediately got replaced is probably a big concern.
  12. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    I got to use the Glock in more clement weather today, around 16 degrees, and not horribly humid. Ran fine, using red gas, fired an entire magazine and locked on empty. Dry fired another couple of times and the slide continued to lock back. One thing, the range is really low so maybe a hop issue...
  13. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    I was able to test the Glock out yesterday at a game. It now uses a lot of gas each shot, and tended to freeze up after 6 or 7 shots, presumably because there's a lot of gas vapour going through the BBU. One thing to note, yesterday was reasonably cool and very humid which probably wasn't helping anything. I'll try with the upgraded spring a couple more times then rethink this if it's still not working correctly.
  14. ninja master of coffee

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Couple of posed shots after a game today.
  15. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Yeah, CYMA 140 round mid. They're excellent magazines, though like any mid they need a little bit of breaking in to start with, (just half load them and give them a bit of a wack if they don't feed.) After that they feed very well. Darklite, what brand is that AK and do you know of the fore grips are sold separately? Cheers.

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